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WatchGuard: Smart Security, Simply Done

Purdicom is a leading UK WatchGuard Distributor. WatchGuard offers an entire network security solution, ensuring businesses are protected and secured against the ‘bad guys’.

WatchGuard’s industry-leading network security completed Purdicom’s solution offering perfectly, complementing our vendors and being used within our own offices. WatchGuard provides the solution for small-medium businesses with enterprise-grade cyber security technology, protecting your online and offline world. Using intelligent protection, effectively protecting against todays and future evolving threats.

WatchGuard cover four bases with their portfolio to not only protect your business from malware or ransomware attacks, but to also offer additional security layers that increase your protection and make it harder for the ‘bad guys’ to access your network. All of which can be managed under WatchGuard Cloud. Allowing you to deploy Firebox appliances in minutes, allocate AuthPoint licenses, and monitor your network all from one place.

WatchGuard Products and Solutions

WatchGuard Network Security

WatchGuard provides the most comprehensive security services, with their Total Security Suite covering the traditional intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, application control, spam prevention, and URL filtering, and encompassing advanced services for protecting against evolving malware, ransomware, and data breaches. Each security service is delivered as an integrated solution within an easy-to-manage and cost-effective Firebox appliance.

WatchGuard Multi-Factor Authentication

WatchGuard’s unique MFA solution reduces network disruptions and data breaches arising from weak or stolen credentials. WatchGuard’s AuthPoint offering goes beyond traditional 2-factor authentication by incorporating innovative ways to identify users. With their large selection of third-party integrations, WatchGuard’s AuthPoint can be deployed across any network, VPNs or Cloud applications, and most importantly, this is delivered entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. New AuthPoint Tokens are hardware tokens that can be used as an alternative to the mobile token to authenticate into protected resources.

WatchGuard Secure Wi-Fi

WatchGuard offer indoor and outdoor access point models to ensure you can support your environment with the speed, connections and client density that it needs. WatchGuard ensure each access point will extend your trusted wireless environment throughout your deployment. These access points provide the security solution to also defend your business against the Six Known Wi-Fi Threat categories, by allowing legitimate external access points to operate in the same airspace and restrict users from connecting to unsanctioned Wi-Fi access points.

WatchGuard EndPoint Security

WatchGuard’s latest offering, DNSWatchGo, provides DNS level protection for your users on the go. DNSWatchGo provides DNS-level protection and content filtering that keeps your business safe from phishing, ransomware, and other attacks even when your user is outside of the network, without requiring a VPN. It monitors outbound DNS requests, correlating them against an aggregated list of malicious sites. Requests that are determined to be malicious are blocked, redirecting the user to a safe site, stopping risky clicks from becoming major security incidents.

WatchGuard Rugged Series

WatchGuard’s rugged series is made to thrive in extreme conditions. The need for secure Wi-Fi is ever-increasing whether outdoors, in warehouses, camping, even walk-in freezers. WatchGuard’s rugged series includes two products – the AP327X access point and the T35-R firebox. To connect and modernise industrial operations requires devices that can withstand these conditions, ensure effective security, and consistently deliver high performance. You can count on WatchGuard to deliver this standard with the AP327X and T35-R.

WatchGuard Rugged AP327X-T35-R Access Points
WatchGuard Panda 360AD
WatchGuard Panda AD360

The endpoint is a favourite target for cybercriminals, with plenty of known vulnerabilities to be exploited, and software versions that are often out of date.  It’s past the time when businesses of all sizes need to implement powerful endpoint security that includes endpoint protection (EPP) integrated with advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) technologies.

Uniquely powered by automated, AI-driven processes and security analyst-led investigation services, our Panda Adaptive Defence products provide 100% classification, certifying the legitimacy and safety of all running applications – a critical need for any company implementing a zero-trust security model.

Value Add for WatchGuard

Pre Sales Meetings & Recommended Bill of Materials

Either our Technical or Sales Teams can arrange a pre-sales meeting with you to discuss your requirements and the business you’re trying to win.

Technical Demonstrations

We offer free, pre-sales visits to carry out technical demonstrations of all the kit we sell.

Technical Support & Commissioning

Our Technical Team are always available to assist in any technical queries you may have. They can offer support and advice with kit, as well as coming to help with installation and setup.

This is just a very small selection of value add services relevant to WatchGuard. Please see our dedicated VALUE ADD page for more details.

Purdicom exists to help you grow your business. Our team always go the extra mile to ensure you and your customers have all the support you need to ensure a successful deployment.

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