Our Vendors

Purdicom holds dear the value of partnership from VARs, managed service providers, integrators and WISPs to each vendor on its portfolio. Working tirelessly to sign ground breaking vendors whilst also providing customers with every area of support possible, Purdicom builds long lasting and sustainable relationships.

With no financial commitment, you can become a Purdicom partner. We will train you and introduce you to all the necessary vendors and contacts to drive your business forward.

The Purdicom Ethos

Integrity, Customer Focus, Excellence & Innovation

We’ve got lots of hungry competitors out there, but people like Purdicom – they like buying from us and they love the service we provide. We’re good with supplying flexible credit, we can store stock for you, we can help you on a technical level with heat mapping reports and other pre and post-sales support, and we don’t always charge for this.

There are lots of other things we can do. We have proper account managers who know the products and product codes. We will be able to tell you if you’ve got the right or wrong product based on your deployment. We’re not just a team of guys and girls in a call centre taking orders, our team really know their stuff. The cost of ordering the wrong item can be vast, it can throw a whole project out – we will ensure that never happens.

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