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Siklu SmartHaul™ Wireless Network Design Engine

As networks continue to grow in scope and coverage, our range of Siklu products ensures customers will have the right piece of equipment for every point in their network.  However, with increasing diversity and product choices in the market, the complexity of the network design can also increase. Siklu’s Wireless Network Design Engine simplifies these design challenges. The WiNDE takes as input all the locations to be served in a given mmWave network, and using cost and performance as factors automatically recommends  some cost effective and robust implementations to choose from. In addition to an optimised network design, the tool creates a Bill of Materials to build the selected design as well as the configuration files to ensure operations as designed.

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SmartHaul™ WiNDE


Experience Not Necessary

Siklu SmartHaul™ Wireless Network Design Engine (WiNDE) automates the many tasks involved in designing a complete millimetre wave wireless network. WiNDE integration in an operator’s planning environment takes days compared to traditional tools that can take weeks or months. The engine reduces days of complex work and tedious details to hours. Intuitive and easy to use, the 5-step wizard will guide a user with 40 years or 40 days of network design experience to the same swift results.

Bill of Materials

WiNDE will assemble a detailed Bill of Materials with all the required accessories and licenses. The user can amend and annotate the BOM with additions or subtractions or include 3rd party deliverables, easily maintaining a consistent project scope.

Topology Design Optimized for Cost or Performance

SmartHaul™ WiNDE supports traditional Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) designs as well as our MultiHaul Terragraph (MH TG) mesh topologies. The app crunches through thousands of possible designs in an iterative process to optimize the network for performance or cost, with any mix of P2MP, Point-to-Point (P2P), rings, mesh, fibre-links, single- or multi-PoP wireline interfaces. The resulting designs are presented graphically and numerically for straightforward evaluation of the results.

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