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TP-Link: Reliably Smart

TP-Link is a globally recognised networking equipment manufacturer, specialising in the development and production of reliable and affordable network solutions, including access points, routers, ethernet switches, cabling and wireless devices.

Purdicom is thrilled to announce our partnership with TP-Link, a renowned and trusted leader in networking hardware & management software. Founded in 1996 with a commitment to innovation and reliability, TP-Link has established itself as a premier provider of cutting-edge wired and wireless tech worldwide.  Our initial focus will be on their Omada line-up.

TP-Link’s Omada range seamlessly fits together to create a smart end-to-end cloud-managed network solution perfect for the requirements of SMBs – integrating gateways, switches & access points into a fully Software Defined Network (SDN).

With a 100% cloud-managed system, the TP-Link Omada product line-up creates a highly flexible and scalable network infrastructure ideal for small to medium-sized businesses – and can all be controlled from a single, well-thought-out interface – from anywhere, via a dedicated desktop or mobile app.

TP-Link’s focus on quality, performance, and user-friendly design aligns perfectly with our mission to empower our customers with the best, most cutting-edge connectivity solutions for all deployment scenarios – from big business to small enterprise and smart home enthusiasts alike.

TP-Link Omada: The Smarter Cloud Solution for Business Networking

TP Link Omada is specially designed for use in offices, hospitality, education, retail and more..

TP-Link: Meet The Omada Product Line

TP-Link Omada Access Points

TP-Link Omada Access Points offer seamless wireless connectivity with enterprise-level security and centralised management. Supporting Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh technology, they ensure fast, stable connections and easy setup through the Omada SDN platform. Ideal for all environments, TP-Link has designed an Omada AP for every occasion, indoor and outdoor, standalone, ceiling or wall mount.  TP-Link’s versatile Omada range includes both WiFi 6 and WiFi 7 APs (coming soon!) ensuring they provide your users with reliable performance and excellent scalability for all their connectivity demands, both now and for the future.

TP Link Access Point Distributor TP Link Access Points EAP265 AC1750 TP-Link Wall Plate WiFi Access Points EAP655 TP-Link CAP300 wireless Outdoor APs TPLink EAP610 Outdoor Access Point
TPLink PoE Switches Best TP-Link Smart Gigabit Jetstream Switches TP-Link Unmanaged Switches 10Gbps 2.5Gbps Fast Ethernet PoE

TP-Link Switches

TP-Link’s Omada network switches are high-performance, scalable switching solutions built for businesses. They provide gigabit speeds, support for PoE, and integrate perfectly into the Omada system allowing you to effortlessly centrally manage your network via a powerful, yet easy-to-use desktop or mobile app. The enterprise hardware and advanced software functions make Omada switches ideal for both small and medium businesses.

TP-Link Routers

TP-Link Omada routers are ideal for businesses, offering reliable connectivity, advanced security, and easy centralised management via the Omada SDN platform. TP-Link offers routers for a wide range of deployment scenarios and environments.  And their router lineup includes both wired, wireless and integrated models. Omada routers are high-performing, feature-packed and designed to support multiple devices without breaking a sweat.

Best UK WiFi & Wireless Gear TP Link ER605 Router TP Link Routers Omada Integrated ER7212PC TP Link Omada AX3000 WiFi Router ER706W TP-Link Wired Routers Omada ER8411
Tp Link Controller

TP-Link Controllers – Network Management

Omada network devices can be easily managed with TP-Link’s dedicated Omada control software. The desktop or mobile app acts as a central hub for configuring, monitoring, and securing your network, providing flexible control and device management via cloud software and hardware.

TP-Link Accessories

Explore top-notch accessories tailored for a wide range of scenarios in the TP-Link line-up. From media converters enabling extended data transmission, to high-speed cables ensuring optimal performance in fiber optic networks, TP-Link has you covered.  PoE Adaptors cater for various installation requirements, and their rackmount accessories provide robust and durable solutions for housing your devices.  With a focus on great design and a proven track record for stability, performance AND excellent value, TP-Link has curated a portfolio of networking products that will meet the needs of all individuals.

TP Link Cables Modules and Accesories TP Link Media Converters TP Link PoE Injectors & Adaptors TP-Link rackmount Accessories

Why choose Purdicom as your TP-Link supplier?

With extensive expertise in both wired and wireless tech, not only are we able to provide the best prices, but most importantly, the best advice!  Our geeky team of wireless-obsessed wizards will happily assist you with any questions to help you find the best WiFi gear for your needs – whether you’re ready to buy or just want to pick our brains for the best TP-Link access point for a specific deployment scenario, we’re always here to help – so give us a call!  0333 12 12 100

Take a look at what our Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Kent and TP-Links Sales Director, Ben Allcock had to say about this new partnership..

“Purdicom partnering with TP-Link represents a huge opportunity for both parties. Already in 70% of UK homes, TP-Link are an established brand and we believe that the TP-Link Omada range will be successful for us in the enterprise market. With their impressive B2B Omada range, their products are aggressively priced without compromising their quality, support and performance.”

-Steve Kent, Sales & Marketing Director

“TP-Link are very much looking forward to our partnership with Purdicom, their dedication to offering the best value added service to their customers made it an easy decision to partner with them. We are looking forward to working with the Purdicom team, and together help grow their customers businesses with the TP-Link Omada range.”

-Ben Allcock, Sales Director

Value Add At Purdicom

Heat Mapping & Network Design

A free comprehensive report outlining the number of AP's required for full Wi-Fi coverage.

Access Point Labeling

Document all MAC addresses and serial numbers ready for the access points to be deployed in their final location.


‘Not for Resale’ (NFR) kit can be purchased at a heavily reduced rate for demo and testing.