Public Wi-Fi

Monetise Your Hotspot

Provide the outside world with a reliable Wi-Fi service and have the ability to monetise it with Encapto.

It’s 2020 and there are now 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe, that’s a lot of people trying to connect to the closest Wi-Fi hotspots when out in public. While there may be some trepidation surrounding public Wi-Fi, most of us still want to remain connected everywhere.   If you can offer a hotspot people trust, not only will you be providing a valuable service, with Encapto’s technology you can monetise it too.

Encapto’s ground breaking software enables you to monetise your wi-fi hotspot via payments or targeted advertisements based on data captured from your users in real time – meaning you can set up the system to deploy the most effective message to each user of your network at exactly at the right time, turning your Wi-Fi hotspot into a fully automated, laser targeted marketing machine.

What’s Possible with Encapto?

Portal Builder

It’s simple to create your own branded, mobile compatible web authentication portal, with content management for images and text. This portal can be used across all your hotspots too.

Data Capture

When logged in, you’re able to see reporting data of how your Wi-Fi is used, ability to ask surveys and questionnaires, but the end user retains ownership of their data, so it’s a win-win.

Social Media

For ease of use, you can integrate social media logins, so customers aren’t required to complete their details more than once. Social media also gives demographic visitor insight.

Campaign Management

Delivered targeted marketing to those customers logged in to your portal with demographic insights or offer paid advertising space to start monetising your network.

Access Control

You decide how you want customers to log in, where they can use the network, and user limits for download/upload speeds and usage. Even offer tiered paid access or time limits.


Cloud software that hosts all your hotspots in one place enables easy management. Along with comprehensive Wi-Fi reporting, telling you; device types, time online, live data and more.

Who Provides Public Wi-Fi?


Encapto is a cloud hosted 3rd party captive web portal solution that provides access to public Wi-Fi SSIDs. Integrating natively with Ruckus SmartZone & ZoneDirector, Cambium cnMaestro and Cisco Meraki but can also work with other vendors if a gateway device such as MicroTik Routerboard is used to proxy the client traffic to the Encapto Cloud.

Encapto’s campaign manager allows you to monetise your public Wi-Fi by offering advertisements before customers can log into the portal and use the Wi-Fi, and with multiple authentication routes, such as, click and go, email address entry, social media logins and payment gateways, you can personalise your Wi-Fi to suit your location.

Ruckus Networks Product Portfolio
CommScope RUCKUS

RUCKUS offers state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology built for performance in large public areas. With innovations like smart roaming and band steering, and Ruckus patented Beamflex+ adaptive antenna technology, you can give everyone a strong, consistent connection. With RUCKUS’ cloud management, you can create your own captive portals for user sign in and manage all your hotspots remotely. Your captive portals can be completely branded, so customers will still recognise you even when using RUCKUS Wi-Fi.

Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks provide public Wi-Fi using their end-to-end connectivity that can be deployed either indoors or outdoors. As its wireless, the cost of installation is significantly cheaper than a wired deployment. It’s easy to configure and maintain the network with Cambium’s cnMaestro management system as it provides a complete view of the network performance. Cambium’s free, cnMaestro also has the capability to customise your captive portals and access controls so you can brand your offering and add payment terms too.