Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Helping to keep you online whatever the situation, whether you’re in your home office or a multi-site business, an uninterruptable power supply is the stop gap between power failing and a generator kicking in.

Time is money, and if you’re unable to work because you’ve been hit by a power cut, you could potentially be looking at a large loss of business. That’s where an uninterruptable power supply comes in. We partnered with an UPS provider after realising the importance of ensuring that nothing should stop a business from being online. Even with top of the range wireless technology, in the instance of a loss of power supply, your network will go down.

An uninterruptible power supply will provide you with a short term power to keep you online while your power feed is being fixed. They sit between your infrastructure devices and the power feed to your office and act as a power regulator. When you lose your power feed, the UPS will keep the infrastructure devices online either to power down your servers and switches safely, or until your power feed is up and running again.

More About The Technology

Web Interface

UPS can easily be managed remotely and offer Graphical User Interfaces to make configuration possible on web network devices.

Simple Network Management Protocol

SNMP allows UPS systems to be monitored by a central network point, allowing for backwards compatibility as well as security.   

Single Phase and Three Phase Options

Available whether you need a single-phase installation for a local 3pin, 230 Volt power supply or a three-phase installation using the full 3 phases generated from the grid at 400 Volts. 

Online and Offline UPS

Online UPS systems are always connected to the inverter to stop power interruptions, or Offline UPS systems are available to transfer to the UPS if the main power fails.  

External Battery Module

Additional battery modules give you more availability and autonomy to upgrade your UPS and give you charge for longer.  


UPS performance is taken from the potential output in Watts. UPS’s can provide power from 0.8kVA all the way to 30kVA to cover any scenario.

Meet Our UPS Vendor


CertaUPS is an internationally acclaimed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer. They offer an UPS portfolio like no other, from the single phase to three phase UPS, they also offer Lithium-ion UPS and Micro Data Centre’s with self–contained edge computing solutions. With 23 years’ experience in the emergency power business, they have successfully engineered an industry leading and reliable UPS technology.