Retail Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Restaurants, cafes & shopping centres. Beat the competition with a connectivity solution that’s suited to you and your users, encouraging loyal and returning customers.

Get closer to your customers with retail Wi-Fi. Offering free Wi-Fi within your retail store acts as an additional way to market to your customers. Not only are customers more likely to spend more time in your store, they’re also significantly more likely to visit your store if you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in place. Creating a convenient and improved shopping experience.

Offering a secure Wi-Fi connection also gives insight into understanding your customers, meaning you can see the best time and day of the week to market to them. Wi-Fi also helps to increase sales, due to customers spending more time in the store and the ability to buy online if something is out of stock. Customer’s expect Wi-Fi. Ensure you can provide a fast service.

Retail Wi-Fi

Secure and Practical

Placing each individual into their own VLAN to keep the connection secure, by preventing users from seeing others data, minimising threats from potential hacker.

Enables Customer Interaction

Fast Wi-Fi encourages and enables customers to interact with your store on their device, while in the shop, to increase sales.

Social Media

Customers can share their experiences in real-time, increasing their customer satisfaction and helping to increase brand awareness around your store.


See exactly when customers are most engaged and online, enabling tailored content to suit your audience and their expectations.

Full Store Coverage

From changing rooms to private meeting rooms, to the frozen aisle and staff rooms, Wi-Fi needs to be reliable throughout retail stores.

Easy Access and Registration

A connection that any customer can easily connect to, from any type of smart device. Helping everyone onto your network.

“Purdicom is unlike any distributor in its class, the support we get is excellent both commercially and technically. We see this partnership taking us much further”


James McCall, Director of Strategic Development at M24/7

Available Technologies

Customer Wi-Fi & On-boarding

Stores can design tailored onboarding, advertising and data capture experiences. Easy integration and loyalty programs allow for a differentiated experience for your customers.

Targeted advertising at onboarding, with an easy to use campaign management tool, allows stores to advertise to their customers. Advertisements can be scheduled in advance or uploaded on the fly and Encapto’s role-based access system allows end users to take care of their own marketing campaigns without the need to bother their network service provider.

Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN)

Retail stores need a scalable Wi-Fi solution through a secure network to ensure there’s a fast uninterrupted connection at all times. With a varying number of people online at any one time, each with differing demands on the connection, the bandwidth needs to be variable for each user, yet resilient enough to ensure each customer experiences a reliable connection.

Ruckus Networks Product Portfolio
Store to Store Connectivity (Point-to-Point/Multipoint)

Point-to-Point and Multipoint allows connectivity between one or more locations without having to lay fibre. This can ensure unified coverage across entire stores that allows customers to connect from wherever they are. Retail store owners can also have more than one store on the same network for ease of access and uninterrupted connection.

Networking and Security

Retail stores with a large range of customers connecting to the Wi-Fi, need to ensure that it is secure and safe for each user, as well as any staff or secure hardware appliances that also rely on the connection. Purdicom’s partner, WatchGuard, distribute cutting-edge cyber security technology and deliver it as easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solutions.