Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Make it easy to protect your business and add additional security steps into your network. Simple to use, effective against attackers.

MFA is an additional security measure businesses or individuals can take to secure their network, device or applications. MFA relies on users having at least two different methods to prove and authenticate their identity and allow access, this is usually something the user and only the user knows (passwords), something only the user has (tokens, mobiles phones) or something the user is (facial recognition, fingerprints).

Did you know, 1 in 5 people use weak passwords, and it’s not that hard to guess Password123. It only takes one stolen password for an entire network to be compromised! MFA is an easy way to add an additional security step in the login and authentication process and can significantly reduce the number of online identify thefts or fraud. Guessing or stealing one credential will no longer be enough to gain access to the network.

About The MFA Technology

Authentication Factors


This is a factor that you, and only you will know and is commonly things like passwords or pin codes.


This is an authentication factor that you own yourself, that you can use to authenticate from like a mobile phone or a token.


Simply something that the user is, that cannot be replicated or used by someone else. Usually a fingerprint or facial recognition into a mobile phone.

Authentication Technologies

Security Tokens

Something that you have to-hand to use as your authenticator. Usually a key fob, or smart card given to you by your company.

Soft Tokens

A token that you remember, instead of having a piece of hardware, this is a pin code or password.

Mobile Tokens

You can authenticate through a push notification or text message straight to your mobile phone.

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint

AuthPoint is WatchGuard’s MFA product, which can be integrated with many third parties, so you only need one application to authenticate against any of your systems. Any external login attempt creates a secure push notification to the user’s mobile device with details of the authentication. This can either be accepted when trying to access your own device or rejected when someone else is trying to attempt to gain access.

AuthPoint implements MFA using the application that users download onto their mobile device. WatchGuard’s AuthPoint takes the traditional two-factor authentication and adds Mobile Device DNA so even if the device was to be cloned, the different DNA would mean the attempt at gaining access would be blocked. Protecting users’ corporate identities from theft and misuse. For more information on AuthPoint click here

Meet Our Firewall Vendor


WatchGuard is a security vendor, offering enterprise-level security solutions. Primarily focused on the Small/Medium Business marketplace, often within the Education, Hospitality and MDU verticals.

WatchGuard’s solutions range from Network Security with Network Security Appliances and Cloud Management, through to MFA, Secure Wi-Fi and even EndPoint Security. Conducting more than one billion scans an hour, WatchGuard have secured the security portfolio.