Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)

Protect your network from the six known Wi-Fi threats with WatchGuard’s WIPS.

Unsecure Wi-Fi networks are easy for hackers to corrupt, manipulate and steal information from. They can also be used to spread malware to your business’ computers. There are thousands of videos online showing how easy it is to hack an open Wi-Fi network, potentially costing your business hundreds, thousands or even millions.

To properly secure your network you need a robust security solution. WatchGuard delivers unprecedented Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS); reliable security protection that is 100% dedicated to protecting your business from wireless threats.

Each WatchGuard access point can operate as both an access point and a dedicated WIPS security sensor, providing enterprise-grade wireless security protection for your customers’ network.  The security sensors scan the air and protect your customers’ businesses from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories automatically.

WIPS security sensors can be added to your current Wi-Fi deployment with ease.  The sensors work alongside your existing access points so there’s no need to replace the entire network.  The average network requires roughly one WIPS sensor for every four access points.

WIPS Protects Against the ‘Six Known Wi-Fi Threats’

Evil Twin Access Point

An ‘evil twin’ access point works by mimicking a legitimate access point. Spoofing its SSID and unique MAC address.

Ad-Hoc Network

An ‘Ad-Hoc’ network refers to a network set up between two devices already on a secure network.

Misconfigured Access Point

Where a lot of AP deployments are taking place, it can be easy for one to be misconfigured and make a private SSID open without any encryption.

Rogue Access Point

An AP is classed as ‘Rogue’ if it has been connected to a secure network without authorisation from an administrator or IT pro.

Rogue Client

If your network has previously been connected to an ‘evil twin’ or ‘rogue’ access point, a client connected to either is classed as a ‘Rogue Client’.

Neighbour Access Point

If a device connected to your secure network decides to connect to another ‘Neighbour’ AP, the device is easily bypassing your security.

Why Choose WatchGuard?


WatchGuard offers an entire network security portfolio, including Network Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Secure Wi-Fi and EndPoint Security.

WatchGuard has designed a secure Wi-Fi solution that not only supports your deployment with fast speeds, connections and client density, but they’ve also been approved to extend your Trusted Wireless Environment. Along with the WatchGuard Cloud, WatchGuard’s solution is a simple, but scalable Wi-Fi for businesses of all sizes, delivering a secure, high performance and easily managed network. The WIPS sensors are part of WatchGuard’s secure Wi-Fi offering, but can be used independently as sensors too, to work alongside other leading Wi-Fi access points.