Encapto: Total Wi-Fi Control

A managed service provider enabling user engagement, reporting and control for your public Wi-Fi networks.

Encapto enables managed service providers to build flexible, feature-rich and easy to use Wi-Fi and network management systems. Having struggled to find a solution that enables bundling and management of multi-service offerings across different customer verticals, Encapto decided to build their own service platform, which is the core of their business.

Encapto is a cloud hosted, captive web portal solution that works alongside key Wi-Fi vendors. It offers user-engagement through the portal builder, campaign manager, its data capture abilities and social media integrations. Encapto’s management and reporting software is advanced to ensure all network data can be analysed and there’s many authentication methods that can all have tiered user limits.

Encapto Products

Encapto Platform

One-stop user engagement, configuration, reporting and control for your Wi-Fi network. Encapto lets you manage Wi-Fi user engagement, management and orchestration of your network and advanced access controls, providing rich analytics giving you full visibility of your network.

Encapto Campaign

Encapto Campaign is the Wi-Fi advertising module which comes as part of the platform and allows for a network that engages users like nothing else. Deploy targeted and scheduled dynamic content to Wi-Fi users to send the most effective message to the right visitors at the right time.

WYSIWYG Portal Editor

Quick and easy creation of branded web authentication portals. Once created, portals can be applied to one or multiple hotspots.

  • Create any page layout by arranging multiple columns, rows, and types of content anywhere on the page – build a custom web page
  • Ability to have multiple portals assigned to groups (sites) of access points
  • Specify the location of the get online section, get online button (if used) and surveys
  • Apply custom HTML or CSS to go the extra mile and tweak the page to your desire
  • Regardless of how you arrange your content, resulting portals remain fully mobile responsive
Encapto Public Wi-Fi Portal & Campaign

Value Add for Indoor Wi-Fi

Bespoke Webinars

Our Technical Team offer bespoke webinars tailored to your specific needs. These are an opportunity for you to speak with our Technical Support Team experts and learn even more.

First Configuartion on Us

Our Technical Team will configure your first Encapto deploment.

Technical Support & Training

Not only will we provide your first config, but we will also provide training on your first deployment to ensure you are in control from the get-go.

This is just a very small selection of value add services. We also provide an extensive range of other services including flexible finance and commisioning, please see our dedicated VALUE ADD page for more details.

Purdicom exists to help you grow your business. Our team always go the extra mile to ensure you and your customers have all the support you need to ensure a successful deployment.

Purdicom Services for Encapto

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