Connectivity Solutions for Hospitality

Providing state of the art Wi-Fi, security and network solutions for the demanding needs of hospitality.

From small B&B’s through high-end hotels and resorts, Wi-Fi connectivity is absolutely crucial. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to access the internet and online services. 70% of guests say they would not stay at a hotel if Wi-Fi was not available. Wi-Fi is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but a standard expectation. Decent speeds, security and high performance are essential.

By providing guest Wi-Fi, hotels can now uncover valuable analytics and integrate with social media for enhanced marketing. Furthermore, by offering extended bandwidth and faster speeds as a premium, business’ can now monetise their Wi-Fi access. Purdicom offers solutions reaching across wired & wireless Wi-Fi, cloud management, switching, security and public Wi-Fi management.

Wi-Fi for Hospitality

Guest On-boarding

Simple guest onboarding that is seamless and secure. Allow guests to use social media or loyalty programme credentials to access your Wi-Fi.

Monetise Wi-Fi Access

Providing guest access to Wi-Fi can be made free or you can charge a premium for faster speeds and more data, easily allowing you generate revenue.

Self-Service Portal

Design a self-service portal for your guests with your own branding and corporate design. Easy drag & drop and simple user interface.

Connect with your Guests

Speed-up check-in and connect guests with hotel information, services and promotions. Show location-based advertising that ties directly into your loyalty programs.

Communications Systems

Every hotel is a complex system of non-stop interactions between guests, staff, suppliers and services. Communications systems must be slick, efficient and safe environments for satisfied guests.

Multiple Guest Devices

Hotels using Ruckus have seen Wi-Fi complaints drop by 80% or more, with technology that is designed to handle huge numbers of devices and optimise connections for every guest.

“Our guest Wi-Fi experience has improved dramatically, with hardly any Wi-Fi related customer complaints. The Ruckus solution gives our guests a seamless Wi-Fi experience wherever they are in the hotel and has greatly improved our capacity to host major business events without fear of an incident on the network.”

Bill Keffer, General Manager, at JW Marriott Marquis.

Available Technologies

Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN)

Increase guest satisfaction and reduce overall complaints by serving your guests with an exceptional Wi-Fi experience. You want your guests to enjoy a true home-from-home experience, so don’t compromise on technology. Wi-Fi experience is so important that stats show that up to 83% of visitors will take the time to report a bad connectivity experience and 36% will never rebook with a property that has provided poor Wi-Fi. In the hospitality sector, the Wi-Fi connection today is as important as the room itself.

Speak to us about Wi-Fi networking for hospitality including the very best access points, switching and management technology from the most innovative and reliable manufacturers today.

Ruckus Networks Product Portfolio
Guest Wi-Fi & On-boarding

In Hospitality, the customer Wi-Fi experience is essential in upholding the hotel brand as well as making sure guests come back for repeat stays. It is one thing to have great performing Wi-Fi, the other part is to make sure guests are efficiently onboarded and managed appropriately. Encapto provides a platform to differentiate your guests with time, download or speed restrictions on a single hotspot.

Hotels can design tailored onboarding, advertising and data-capture experiences, depending on whether the visitor is at the bar or is an overnight guest. Easy integration with property management systems or loyalty programs allow for a differentiated experience for your customers.

Targeted advertising at onboarding, with an easy to use campaign management tool, allows the hotel to advertise future stay packages, dinner specials or happy hour. Advertisements can be scheduled in advance or uploaded on the fly and Encapto’s role-based access system allows end-users to take care of their own marketing campaigns without the need to bother their network service provider.

Network Security

BYOD Guests represent a challenge for the hospitality industry. It is likely that each guest will have bought their own device or more often multiple devices all requiring connection to the network. That is a lot of personal data. Security has never been so important. Security breaches in hotels and other similar establishments can swiftly damage hard-earned reputations and leave guests vulnerable to identity theft and other risks.

Almost 50% of overall data breaches in 2018 were experienced in the hospitality industry with over 22 million personal records exposed. The threats are significant. The need to take security seriously is highlighted by the number of large hotel chains who have been hit with significant fines for their lack of adequate security. Hotels must protect guests’ data through network protection and Wi-Fi access. WatchGuard’s layered security services ensure you can keep personal information secure. WatchGuard’s technology covers you over a number of products including Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), Firewall and Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS).

WatchGuard Firebox Network Security Firewall
Cambium ePMP3000 - for long distance outdoor broadband connections
Cambium ePMP Broadband Solutions

Ideal for caravan parks and connecting outdoor networks, ePMP is high performance Point to Point technology offered at an affordable price. ePMP comes with Multiuser MIMO, achieving high throughput by simultaneously transmitting to two subscribers.

Very often it is not viable to deploy multiple access points to service one area. AP’s maybe competing and generating noise. ePMP overcomes this with Intelligent filtering, Smart Beamforming and Beam Steering. Beam Steering antenna creates narrow beams to improve signal-to-noise ratio. Placed at the access point on a tower, the smart antenna will create tighter beams to connect to subscribers whilst nulling radiation from unwanted emitters in the field. Smart.

Nomadix for Hospitality

The Nomadix range of products has every aspect of hospitality Wi-Fi covered. The products include Wi-Fi Management, Casting and Edge Gateway products, all providing more control over the network, a superior guest experience and an opportunity to monetise your Wi-Fi offering.

With BYOD, especially relevant to the Hospitality and MDU markets, network managers are increasingly looking for ways to more effectively manage bandwidth and provide exceptional user experiences that are both scalable and secure. Nomadix edge gateways can support from 500 simultaneous mobile devices through 8,000 and up to 6Gbps throughput on the LAN. Gateways can also be clustered to support thousands of devices at one time.

Casting allows guests to contactlessly connect to in-room AV and cast from their own media accounts such as Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. This removes the need to obtain logins and remember passwords or login via a TV remote – it’s simply achieved via a quick QR code. What could be simpler? Happy guests leave great reviews!

Nomadix Managed Wifi hardware
Nomadix Managed Wifi MDU Hospitality Hello Terry