Submitting an RMA Request

To submit an RMA request please log in to and click “Submit a request” or alternatively click here

This will then present the following, select the checkbox ‘Is this an RMA?’ and complete the form, once the form is complete click “Submit” at the very bottom of the page.

Advanced Replacements

  • Advanced replacements will only be issued if the product is Dead on Arrival (DOA) and within thirty days of purchase. Advanced replacement support can be purchased through your account manager.
  • Products will ship out within forty-eight hours (two business days) from the time the advance replacement submission request is received and the authorisation has been verified, subject to Purdicom’s terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services if items are not in stock at the date the request is received.
  • Expedited shipping request does NOT expedite the processing time.
  • Once you have received the replacement product, the original non-working product must be returned to Purdicom no later than the end of the fourteenth day.
  • Any package received after the fourteenth day will be refused and all refund requests will be denied.

Additional Information/Guidelines

Where a product returned for repair is determined as “No Fault Found”, you will be responsible for a standard evaluation fee, which is chargeable at £99:00+VAT

  • Where an advance replacement is requested, a reference number/purchase order will be required. No request will be processed without these.
  • You are required to ensure that the faulty or un-used products are received at Purdicom within fourteen days of the RMA form being issued.
  • Failure to make available the faulty product for return to Purdicom within the allotted period will result in an invoice being generated for the full amount of the advanced replacement item(s) and a potential loss of advanced replacement privileges to your account.
  • Please ensure the RMA number clearly on the outside of each package (TICKET-XXXXXXXX). However please do not write on the original box the items came in or this will invalidate your RMA request.
  • Ensure only the product approved on the RMA request is returned to Purdicom. Serial numbers must match those on the ticket; Products not on the RMA request will be returned at your cost.
  • Products being returned to Purdicom must be properly packaged (where possible use the original packaging or that of the replacement item).
  • Any goods with malicious damage or damage during transit due to inadequate packaging will not be credited.
  • Static sensitive assemblies must be packaged within a static protective bag, failure to properly package the returning product will also void all warranty on that product as hidden damage may occur.
  • Where a product returned for repair is “Out of Warranty”, following initial inspection of the product, you will receive an estimate which will need to be approved in the form of a purchase order or signed quote before we can carry out any repair works.
  • RMA repair requests will be closed if Purdicom does not receive the relevant product within thirty days.
  • Product must be complete.
  • Any damage to a product or missing components will not be repaired or replaced under warranty.
  • Our commitment to you is that by following the above guidelines we will ensure you receive replacement service parts and authorisation to return goods for repair quickly and efficiently.
  • There may be circumstances not covered by this document. In this event please do not hesitate to contact Purdicom Technical Management to discuss your query in detail.

Please be aware, it is your responsibility to return any defective products to our office.