Ubiquiti. Simplifying IT.

Technology platforms for Internet access, small enterprise, and SmartHome applications.

Ubiquiti Networks is a networking technology manufacturer with an aggressive and disruptive pricing strategy. They offer a broad and expanding portfolio of networking products for service providers and small business enterprises. Ubiquiti’s mission is to bring wireless connectivity capability to everyone across the world, closing the digital divide.

The Ubiquiti offering is vast and growing. At Purdicom we offer the best products from the UniFi (Wireless), Airmax and NanoBeam (Outdoor PtP) ranges. This cost-effective solution is ideal for temporary or budget conscious deployments where technical and advanced replacement support isn’t required.

Ubiquiti Products

UniFi Indoor Access Points

The Ubiquiti UniFi range comprises of wireless access points for scalable Wi-Fi connectivity. Supplied in over 180 countries ever year, UniFi is a cost-effective solution deployed the world over. UniFi is subject to no licensing fees or support costs.

AirMAX & PowerBeam

Airmax is the outdoor PtP offering from Ubiquiti Networks. The range includes NanoBeam, PowerBeam and Rocket Gen2. Speak to us today to find out the most suitable products for your deployment.

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