Extensive protection to prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats

WatchGuard Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response


WatchGuard EPDR brings together their Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities into one easy-to-buy product for maximum security against sophisticated endpoint threats. Endpoints are the primary target for most cyberattacks and as the technology infrastructure becomes more complex, organisations are struggling to find the expertise and resources necessary to monitor and manage endpoint security risks. So, what types of challenges are companies facing when adopting endpoint security solutions?

Alert fatigue: organisations get thousands of malware alerts, only 19% are considered trustworthy, and only 4% of them are investigated. Two-thirds of cybersecurity admins’ time is dedicated to managing malware alerts.

Complexity: too many disconnected cybersecurity tools can be hard to manage for security professionals, due to the number of enabling technologies, the lack of in-house skills, and the time needed to identify threats.

Poor performance: frequently, endpoint security solutions require installation and management of multiple agents on each monitored computer, server and laptop, causing serious errors, poor performance and high resource consumption.

Traditional endpoint protection technologies focused on prevention are valid for known threats and malicious behaviours, but they are not enough against advanced cyber threats. From common compromise vectors to new threats, attackers are always looking for ways to escape IT notice, evade defence measures and exploit emerging weaknesses. This is where WatchGuard EPDR comes in. WatchGuard layer on traditional, signature-based techniques with advanced features and services for a unique, comprehensive offering. By enabling continuous endpoint monitoring, detection and classification of all activity, WatchGuard is able to reveal and block anomalous behaviours of users, machines and processes. At the same time, WatchGuard Endpoint Detection & Response (EPDR), proactively discover new hacking, evasion techniques and tactics to quickly arm customers. These advances are included at no extra cost and immediately add an additional intelligent layer of protection to get ahead of attackers.

What is Watchguard EPDR?

 Automated Endpoint Security – From Protection to Response

WatchGuard EPDR is an innovative cybersecurity solution for computers, laptops, and servers, delivered from the Cloud. It automates the prevention, detection, containment, and response to any advanced threat, zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, in-memory exploits, and file-less and malware-less attacks, inside and outside the corporate network. Unlike other solutions, it combines the widest range of endpoint protection technologies (EPP) with automated detection and response (EDR) capabilities. It  also has two services, managed by WatchGuard experts, that are delivered as a feature of the solution:

Zero-Trust Application Service:
100% classification of the applications
Threat Hunting Service:
detecting hackers and insiders

WatchGuard EPDR integrates traditional endpoint technologies with innovative, adaptive protection, detection and response technologies in a single solution. This allows IT pros to deal with advanced cyber threats, including the following advanced security technologies:

Traditional Preventive Technologies
  • Personal or managed firewall (IDS)
  • Device control
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Deny list / Allow list
  • Permanent multi-vector anti-malware & on-demand scan
  • Pre-execution formula
  • URL filtering – web browsing
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-tampering
  • Remediation and rollback
Advanced Security Technologies
  • Continuous endpoint monitoring with EDR
  • Cloud-based machine that learns to classify 100% of processes (APTs, ransomware, rootkits, etc.)
  • Sandboxing in real environments
  • Anti-exploit protection
  • Threat hunting, including behavioural analysis and detection of IoAs (indicators of attack) to detect LotL (living off the land attacks)
  • Indicators of attack mapped to MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Detection and prevention of RDP attacks
  • Containment and remediation capabilities such as computer isolation and program blocking by hash or name

WatchGuard EPDR Technology


Big Data & Machine Learning

WatchGuard technology is based on behaviour intelligence

Next Generation Antivirus

Identifies known & unknown malware & other malicious behaviour before it attacks.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitors, logs, & categorises 100% of running processes


Prevention, Detection and Remediation

Detailed Analytics

Detailed forensic information, security audit and realtime alerts

Granular Visibility

Comprehensive endpoint activity visibility

How Does WatchGuard EPDR Work?


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