Simple & Powerful Network Management

The demand for fast and reliable connectivity is rapidly advancing. Users need the ability to quickly and easily troubleshoot issues and monitor & optimise their wired & wireless infrastructure.

Today’s range of controllers and cloud-based solutions are simple yet powerful tools that enable easy management.

Centralised management has many benefits. Using a network management platform to view your wired and wireless infrastructure from one place enables you to make technical and business critical decisions from real time data. With the complexity of networks increasing alongside end-user expectations, it is essential that you have the power to stay ahead of any potential issues before they become costly problems or risks to security. Effective network management saves you time and money and improves the experience for you, your customers and end-users.

With visibility of real time coverage metrics, client signal strength and performance, all from one platform you can be efficient in thoroughly supporting your network(s). You have access to detailed analytics including historical usage data and administration logs, all of which can help you, not only with compliance but also in making future recommendations as to why an upgrade is required or where you need to deliver additional resources. The cost savings associated with reduced callouts and security breaches are vast. Management offers you visibility, flexibility and better control.

Industry Leading Technology

Cambium cnMaestro

Single pain of glass management which allows you to quickly and efficiently pre-configure Cambium cnPilot devices for automatic onboarding as soon as access points have internet connectivity.

RUCKUS SmartZone

Available as both physical and virtual appliances. Providing configuration and visibility of both wired and wireless networks from a single management platform.

RUCKUS SmartCell Insight

Powerful analytics software. Big Data capabilities storing up to 5 years of data for up to 100,000 AP’s and millions of clients supporting large-scale deployments.


Global configuration and monitoring of all of your customers’ remote sites. Manage multiple networks online or from the app. Cloud Wi-Fi also includes automatic security patches, automatic feature updates and 24×7 support.


A GDPR compliant captive portal solution with built-in marketing tools, offering tiered access with multiple guest onboarding options and the ability to monetise Wi-Fi access or control the Wi-Fi with per user time, data, and speed limits. Manage guest Wi-Fi on multiple different WLAN networks and platforms – completely vendor agnostic.

RUCKUS Unleashed

The controller-less solution for SMB’s. RUCKUS Unleashed™ access points come with a built-in management platform accessible from desktop or a mobile app supporting up to 50 access points and 1,024 clients. The easiest plug & play on the market.

Our Network Management Vendors

CommScope RUCKUS

RUCKUS offers a wide range of controller, controller-less and cloud-managed platforms suitable for SMB’s through large-scale enterprise-level applications. With a portfolio world-renowned for its feature-rich product capability and straight-forward, easy to use design, RUCKUS is leading the way in powerful networking-simplicity.

Ruckus Zone Director 1200 & Cloud Logo Network Management Controller
Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks offers cnMaestro, an end-to-end network controller with zero touch provision and AP configuration. cnMaestro is available as a cloud-based platform or as on-premises software. Enjoy full network visibility at no additional financial commitment with free licensing of the software with no compromise on feature set or functionality.