CertaUPS Three Phase UPS Systems

CertaUPS Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems are suitable for a variety of applications, they have been designed exclusively to deliver industry-leading resilience, flexibility and reliability.

Meet the Products

CertaUPS C750

10 – 20kVA
Applications: Data Centre, enterprise and distributed IT in banking, telecom, Colo and commercial & retail.

Providing high performance and manufactured with premium features, the C750 series of UPS systems offers true online double conversion with a unity power factor. An embedded Ethernet port provides a secured network connection to the cloud for use with the CertaUPS IoT monitoring APP. Flexibility is achieved for the C750 with an adjustable charging current, battery configuration and the ability to configure the unit as three phase or single phase (3-3, 3-1 or 1-1) to meet utility and load wiring.

  • Unity (1) power factor.
  • Configurable the unit as three phase or single phase (3-3, 3-1 or 1-1).
  • Configurable as single source input or dual source input for utility and bypass.
  • High efficiency up to 95%.
  • Pure sinewave output.
  • true online double conversion.
  • Expandable runtime with additional battery modules and automatic detection of EBM quantity.
  • Compact size requiring a small installation space.
  • Out of the box connectivity with the IoT monitoring software app.
  • Colour touch screen LCD display with gravity sensors.
  • DSP design enables precise and reliable control.

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