Enterprise Grade Switching

The critical hub of every network, powerful and flexible switching solutions provide the vital connection between all wired devices, allowing information to be sent and received as quickly as possible.

Get ready for the future with 10Gbps, 40Gbps and even 100Gbps capable switching.

At Purdicom we understand that the size of the business opportunity for supplying switching is as vast as it is significant. We have been involved in the Wi-Fi industry since we began our business, however, all networks require switching. Network switching is therefore a key focus for todays’ business’, and it could represent serious revenue potential for your business too.

As the demand on networks grows, so too does the need for flexible, reliable and robust technology. Businesses need to ensure that their networks are future-proof and scalable as their requirements grow. We supply a comprehensive range of switches including support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 multi-gigabit AP’s with 802.3bt and PoH power over ethernet support.

Industry Leading Technology

Simplified Management

Manage any network, no matter how complex from a single pane of glass whether in the cloud, on-premise or virtualised the simplified management platform allows for any network administrator to quickly and efficiently make changes in real time without needing to learn a CLI.

Optimal Network Experience

Load balancing, software up-grades without downtime and award-winning products that are future-ready, including Wi-Fi 6 compatibility.

High Performance

High quality and feature rich, enterprise-grade switching with industry leading PoE and multi-gigabit support, enhanced by full stacking support with up to 1.6 Terabit of bandwidth when stacking ensuring there is never a bottle neck.


As your network grows, be confident in the ease of scaling-up your switching, with scale-out architecture, the ability to stack switches up to 10Km away for a single point of management and upgradable uplink speeds using the modular platform.

Cloud Management

Cloud-based management that allows for configuration and control of your network with easy monitoring and troubleshooting of the unified wired & wireless network.


Securing your network infrastructure using 802.1X not only ensuring that only those who should be on the network are and those that are not are provisioned with guest access only. This also allows you to fully automate your network for free using Software Defined Networks.

Our Switching Vendors

CommScope RUCKUS

At the top end of their switching portfolio and winners of CRN’s prestigious “2019 Products of the Year” award, CommScope’s RUCKUS’ ICX 7850 switch has proven that RUCKUS Networks continues to provide high-performance, enterprise level technology at the edge. Bringing more Gigabit throughput from the core and providing high-density aggregation, businesses can continue to grow their multi-gigabit networks.

CommScope Ruckus Switching Stack
Cambium Networks cnMatrix enterprise switching solutions
Cambium Networks

Network Managers need the ability to rapidly provide an optimal network experience for all users and devices. They are seeking simplicity, flexibility and automation to improve network performance. cnMatrix™ can be used with Cambium’s cnMaestro™ cloud management platform for a zero-touch experience which maintains both ease of management, robust security and reduces costs. See how you can simplify your network.


IO by HFCL provide a comprehensive portfolio of flexible, budget-friendly managed switching solutions optimized to deliver secure, reliable networks and seamless edge connectivity for both commercial and industrial projects  – all at prices that won’t break the bank, yet still provide margin rich opportunities for resellers.

HFCL’s IO switching line-up includes six main products, each with several variants. For more information about our new vendor and full specs for their value-packed switching line up, grab the new datasheets available from our dedicated IO by HFCL page.

IO by HFCL Commercial Access Switches 4 8 and 24 port HSP-IO-8GES2S