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Google Chromecast: Plug In. Play More.

Stream media directly from any device directly to your TV with Google Chromecast. Ideal for presentations and sharing what’s on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Chromecast is essentially just an adapter; a dongle which is designed to plug into the back of your digital television. This then allows you to cast your online content directly to your TV screen from any connected device. It’s simple. Operate it from the mobile app or use it to switch-up your device into a TV remote control. Stream directly from a growing number of platforms such as Netflix, YouTube or GooglePlay for music or movies, or simply cast straight from the Chrome browser.

Chromecast plugs into your television’s HDMI port and is powered by a USB so it really couldn’t be any simpler! There are two Chromecast adapters available: Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, broadcasting at 1080p or up to 4k resolution with HDR colour technology respectively. The Ultra also comes with an ethernet port and although it also requires an external power source, we think it’s a pretty neat device and one that certainly gets a lot of use around the Purdicom offices.

Google Chromecast

GOOGLE Chromecast – Third Generation, Charcoal

Chromecast media player for TV with 1920×1080 video resolution, supporting 1080p (Full HD). Wi-Fi 802.11b and built in bluetooth. This model has a HDMI port output connection and allows you cast directly to your TV from any device.

GOOGLE Chromecast - Third Generation Charcoal
Google Chromecast with Google TV - 4K

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K

Super slim design. Only 58mm x 58mm. Chromecast Ultra comes in a compact and slick design. The high-resolution output of up to 4K Ultra HD for streaming images and film. Wireless 802.11ac (2.4 GHz/5Ghz) 1×2 MISO Wi-Fi. HDMI, Micro USB & Ethernet Ports (cables not included). Google Chromecast supports Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.

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