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Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi

PROMISE your guests fair access to Wi-Fi bandwidth.

The Nomadix technology suite includes advanced Managed Wi-Fi, Casting and Edge-Gateway products. Nomadix gateways enable seamless wired and wireless connectivity solutions across public access networks, ideal for MDU and hospitality. With Nomadix, public access network providers are able to deploy cost-effective, secure and easy to use network services.

Powered by patented technology, Nomadix technology focuses on managing bandwidth and throughput so guests can enjoy a superior wireless experience and the use of available bandwidth is optimised. With this level of control, network managers can slow the pace of bandwidth investment and upgrades and effectively deliver and monetise their network offering.

Nomadix Products

Bandwidth Management Gateways

As we all know, the demand on networks is increasing at an exponential rate and will continue to do so as the number of connected ‘things’ and devices increases. With BYOD, this is especially relevant to the Hospitality and MDU markets, where network managers are increasingly looking for ways to more effectively manage bandwidth and provide exceptional user experiences that is both scalable and secure.

Enter, Nomadix. The Nomadix suite of Internet access gateways has been designed to provide venues, hotels, airports and stadiums with the managed connectivity they need for both wired and wireless networks. Catering for small deployments through large-scale enterprise and everything in between, Nomadix provides its partners with the flexibility to grow alongside demand.

Nomadix Edge Gateway Managed Wifi EG6000

Nomadix edge gateways can support from 500 simultaneous mobile devices through 8,000 and up to 6Gbps throughput on the LAN. Gateways can also be clustered to support thousands of devices at one time.

Nomadix Casting

Nomadix Casting

Nomadix casting is the fastest casting solution in the industry. Nowadays we all have high expectations, especially when travelling. Guests want a home-to-home experience and that doesn’t stop with the content they want to consume. Not only do hotels, venues and MDU properties need to keep up with network demand, they also need to ensure they are proving the best possible connectivity experience to their guests. Now, imagine providing a service where guests could easily and contactlessly connect to the in-room AV and straight away start to cast their own music, films and content, directly from their own devices and personal accounts. Nomadix’ simple, secure casting solution provides just that.

The enhanced capability of the Nomadix technology means that casting has never been easier to deploy and maintain and guests are no longer required to obtain and remember usernames, passwords or enter login information via a TV remote. When used together with Nomadix Gateway, guest devices can connect automatically.

The feature set includes automatic pairing via the Nomadix Gateway, simplified authentication using a simple on-screen QR code, contactless experience, support for up to 2000 apps including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & Spotify, still use the device while streaming, iOS and Android, customisable branding and easy web-based management.

Nomadix Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi is the perfect solution for MDU’s, commercial buildings and retail, where carrier-grade Wi-Fi needs to be combined with subscriber and bandwidth management.

With Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi, it is possible to provide each subscriber with their own Personal Area Network and there is an option to create a new revenue stream by providing access via Wi-Fi as a Service.

Nomadix Managed Wifi MDU Hospitality Hello Terry

Offer residents or businesses a choice. Different plans allow subscribers to select the right bandwidth plan for their own individual requirements and can enjoy fast, high-speed plans up to 5Gbps per subscriber.

Simple provisioning is available in a simple-to-use and intuitive portal, giving network managers the control they need in supporting Wi-Fi access and onboarding. This saves time and costs associated with new subscriber acquisition.

Support cases can be costly with 70% of managed Wi-Fi support calls relating to device onboarding, but with Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi, subscribers can manage their own Wi-Fi settings and device onboarding using a web portal.

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Value Add

Heat Mapping & Network Design

A free comprehensive report outlining the number of AP's required for full Wi-Fi coverage.

Access Point Labeling

Document all MAC addresses and serial numbers ready for the access points to be deployed in their final location.


‘Not for Resale’ (NFR) kit can be purchased at a heavily reduced rate for demo and testing.

This is just a very small selection of value add services we provide, for a full list, please see our dedicated VALUE ADD page.

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