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Siklu MultiHaul™ PtMP Series

The introduction of Siklu’s MultiHaul™ series of PtMP radios brings the same expertise and technological innovation to the point to multipoint market that made them a leader in PtP E band/V band market. Siklu’s MultiHaul™ products operate in the widely available and license exempt 60GHz V Band and deliver high multi Gigabit throughputs.

In addition to the industry leading 400 meters range in PtMP configuration, Siklu’s MultiHaul series integrates advanced beam forming technology meaning there is no alignment necessary between the Base Unit and the Terminal Unit. This plug and play installation coupled with Siklu’s zero-touch configuration approach means MultiHaul networks can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively by a single person.

Siklu Multihaul PtMP BU/TU

Siklu MultiHaul™ Series

What are the key features of Siklu MultiHaul Radios?

Carrier Class Construction and Performance

Siklu MultiHaul 90-degree sector Base Unit (BU) with integrated beam steering antenna and 3 ports. Up to 8 Terminal Units, TU or cTU, per BU. Sector capacity of 2.3Gbps over the air (1.8Gbps net throughput) to TUs or cTUs. Up to 1310ft. (400m) auto-aligned range thanks to Siklu’s proprietary cutting-edge antenna technology. The Beamforming antenna enables auto-alignment making installation a lightning-quick one-person job.

Spectrum Agility

Interference-free operation in the 60GHz band (EH-600) and the 70GHz band (EH-710) with wide frequency support that covers 57GHz to 66GHz in a single product (EH-600) and the EH-710 achieving up to the 70GHz band, with pencil width beams and 32 non-overlapping, user-selectable channels, that yield the industry’s highest scalability.

Siklu MultiHaul™ P2MP Technology

Siklu MultiHaul™ PtMP BU/TU

Siklu MultiHaul™ is a PtMP multi-gigabit radio operating over millimeter waves. It brings the advantages of mmW – multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and always-on reliability – to a cost-effective small form factor PTMP solution. MultiHaul is a plug & play system designed to easily scale, taking advantage of patent-pending scanning antennas that auto-align links, and enables connectivity for up 8 Terminal Units, as well as robust planning and management tools.

Siklu MultiHaul™ PtMP CTU

The Siklu MultiHaul PtMP system consists of a Base Unit (BU) operating over millimetre waves and connecting Terminal Units (TU) and now the new ultra-small compact TU (cTU). MultiHaul™ brings the advantages of mmWave spectrum – multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and massive amounts of available spectrum – to a cost effective small form factor PtMP solution. With the cTU, the customer premise side of the system has been reduced over 85% in total volume when compared to the standard TU with no loss in performance and features. A size only 6.5”x3.1”x1” and a selection of colors will blend the cTU into existing surroundings, making it even easier to deploy.

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