io by HFCL Wifi 6 Access Points

IO Commercial and Industrial Access Switch Solutions

High performance Gigabit switching solutions designed to deliver secure, seamless edge connectivity and operational simplicity for digital-ready wired and wireless networking applications, both commercial and industrial.

HFCL’s advanced iO WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 Access Points are compact, built to last, and come in a wide range of indoor and outdoor models to suit everyone, from basic home users to the most demanding smart city deployments.

Feature-packed with extended coverage, speed, and capacity they’re ideal for a wide range of use cases from smart homes and hospitality to healthcare and defence.

Robust and value-packed with all the latest tech at palatable yet margin-rich price points, IO’s AP range present you with an opportunity to please both your customers and your margins – and we have them all in stock, ready to ship right away.

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IO by HFCL Wifi 6 Access Points - All

Wi-FI 6 Access Points


  • Gigabit PoE Injectors
  • LED Indicators for PoE Management
  • Operating range: -5°C to 55°C  (POE20 Outdoor) 0°C to 45°C  (POE20 Indoor)
  • Compliant with isolation and channel
  • Data and power carried over one Ethernet cable
  • Compliant to Characteristics of IEEE802.3af / IEEE802. 3at- 4 Pairs
  • Full protection OCP and OVP
  • Field Earth for higher immunity against EMI/EMC Noise
  • Indoor & Outdoor models available with either AC or DC power inputs

IO Managed Ethernet Switches

Managed Switching Solutions for Scalable, Flexible Network Design

IO provide a comprehensive portfolio of budget-friendly switching solutions optimized to deliver secure, reliable networks and seamless edge connectivity for both commercial and industrial projects.

IO by HFCL Commercial Access Switches 4 8 and 24 port HSP-IO-8GES2S

Commercial Access Switches

The IO switching line-up includes six main products, each with several variants. First in line are three Layer 2 access switches targeting commercial applications featuring 4, 8, or 24 ports respectively – each available in multiple variants indicated by the last section of the model number.

Industrial Access Switch

Next we have a robust 8 port POE+ Layer 2 managed industrial access switch with 2x1G SFP, 2x1G RJ45 Uplinks and
Dual DC Power Supplies.

The industrial switching unit comes housed in a rugged enclosure with DIN Rail Mount as well as Rack Mount options.

IO by HFCL Indistrial Access Switch HSP-IO-8GE2S-I2PDH
IO by HFCL Aggregation Switches

Aggregation Switches

To complete the IO  switching line-up we have two variations of a 24 port aggregation switch, the first being L2, and the second featuring both L2 and L3 Lite allowing for flexible network design and excellent scaleability when working with multiple 10G backhaul. Both aggregation switch units are available in multiple variants too.

We will update our website with more intimate details soon, but for now, grab the available PDFs below, check out the specs and feel free to give us a call for pricing and more info – as with the entire IO range, the prices are aimed to disrupt – so will please both you and your customers!

IO P2P for Unlicensed Band Radio

Excellent Performance Over Long Distances

IO Point-to-Point Backhaul (P2P)

HFCL’s flexible cloud-managed UBR P2P and P2MP backhaul solutions deliver superb performance over long-distance applications.

IP67 certified and designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme weather conditions without compromising performance you can be confident IO’s P2P solution can be relied upon to meet your needs.  All models feature full end-to-end WPA, WPA2, and 128-bit AES PSK encryption with hardware acceleration protection ensuring data is shielded from threats and attacks.

Remote multi-site management is also a breeze via IO’s powerful and intuitive iEon EMS (Element Management System), eliminating the additional cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.

ion4l is at the root of IO’s P2P range and is available in four main variants, three of them with an integrated dish and one as a separate radio for external antennas to extend coverage to distant areas without the need to deploy additional UBRs.

Each model can be provided with an optional Dying Gasp feature as indicated by “_d” in the model number:

ion4l2 / ion4l2_d
5GHz 700Mbps UBR with Integrated 23 dBi Dish Antenna
ion4l3 / ion4l3_d
5GHz 700Mbps UBR with Integrated 25 dBi Dish Antenna
ion4l4 / ion4l4_d
5GHz 700Mbps UBR with Integrated 27 dBi Dish Antenna
ion4le / ion4le_d
5GHz 700Mbps UBR for External Antennas

For full specifications and information please see the PDF’s below


Adaptable Backhaul Solutions for Changing Environments

IO Point to Multipoint Backhaul (P2MP)

IO’s highly scaleable, cloud-managed Point to Multipoint backhaul solution includes two main products, each available in multiple variants to suit a wide range of deployment scenarios.

On the Master Side we have the ion4l1_BTS and ion4l2_BTS featuring an integrated sector antenna operating at 700Mbps in either 17dBi or 19dBi respectively, each model is also available with an optional Dying Gasp feature.

On the Slave Side we have the ion4l2_CPE and ion4l3_CPE. The ion4l2_CPE features an integrated omnidirectional dish antenna at 23dBi, while the antenna on the ion4l3_CPE is 25dBi. Both are designed for a peak throughput of 300Mbps and both are available with the optional Dying Gasp.

In addition to the above, there is an ion4le_CPE radio with connectors for external antennas for extended coverage without the need to deploy additional UBRs.

The external antennas are equipped with dual pole polarization and flexibility of different beam widths and gains.

Remote multi-site management is a breeze via IO’s powerful and intuitive iEon EMS (Element Management System), eliminating the additional cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.

For full specifications and information please see the PDF’s below

IO External Antennas

Seamless Performance and Extended Range


External Antennas for Access Points & UBR Deployments

IO provide a versatile, forward-thinking range of high-performance antennas more than capable of supporting the increasing traffic demands of today’s ever more connected world.

IO’s antenna range features two models ideal for access points and two for UBR (Unlicensed Band Radio). All feature excellent gain and interference rejection and are available in several variants suitable for a wide range of applications.

Each model has been built with a rugged yet lightweight design for easy installation and rapid deployment.

For extending the range of APs there is a tall dual-band omnidirectional antenna (HFDBV-NMOMNI-0406) for 360 degrees wireless coverage, or a dual-band sector antenna with 3 signal variants of either 60, 90 or 120 degrees.

For UBR deployments there’s the sector antenna with 60, 90 or 120-degree variants and a 2×2 MIMO dish antenna providing excellent connectivity for long distances.

All sector and dish antennas come with pole mounts and RF cables with N- Male connectors.