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Introduce AI-empowered management to your converged network.

RUCKUS One™ streamlines the complexities associated with modern networks. It offers simplicity, expandability, and flexible configuration options, allowing you to effortlessly manage and enhance multi-access networks in a secure manner.

With RUCKUS One, even small IT teams can easily provision, manage, optimize, and troubleshoot high-performance, multi-access networks through a unified web dashboard or a native mobile application.

By incorporating cutting-edge AI technology and patented machine learning (ML) algorithms, RUCKUS One empowers IT teams to promptly address incidents and proactively prevent them from impacting services. It categorizes issues based on severity, enabling IT professionals to prioritize their focus. This results in reduced unplanned downtime and improved service levels. Additionally, RUCKUS One generates AI-driven recommendations to optimize your network automatically, enhancing key performance indicators (KPIs) and delivering an exceptional end-user experience.

RUCKUS One Product Overview

Explore the essential aspects of RUCKUS One through this brief overview. Witness how this platform, powered by artificial intelligence, facilitates the seamless management of a unified network, expedites troubleshooting, and ensures outstanding user experiences.

Five reasons to adopt cloud-managed networking

Many IT teams are finding it increasingly challenging to effectively manage the growing complexity of enterprise networks. With limited resources and financial constraints, organisations striving to oversee multi-site networks must improve their efficiency to keep pace and deliver exceptional user experiences. This infographic outlines five compelling reasons to embrace cloud-managed networking, enabling you to precisely achieve that.

Why choose RUCKUS One cloud managed networking platfom?

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Herricks School District surpasses expectations with the exceptional network capabilities provided by RUCKUS Wi-Fi and switching solutions. This case study showcases the utilisation of RUCKUS Cloud, both indoor and outdoor access points (APs), ICX switches, and the Cloudpath® Enrolment System.

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Ruckus Switching & WiFI for Education: School Case Study

RUCKUS One Datasheet

RUCKUS One takes the complexity out of deploying and managing your multi-access public and private enterprise network. (Wi-Fi and wired). Intuitive, intent-based workflows enable expedited provisioning, management, and control of multiple access networks across multiple sites via a single pane of glass.

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RUCKUS One network assurance and business intelligence platform

RUCKUS One Supported Wi-Fi

APs and Switches

RUCKUS One supports a broad range of ICX switches and Wi-Fi access points. For your RUCKUS One deployment, we recommend buying the RUCKUS APs and switches below.

RUCKUS One WiFi Access Point & ICX Switch Support
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