About Us – What We Do

Purdicom is a multi-award-winning value-added distributor specialising in only the most dominant Wi-Fi, Networking & Cloud technologies.

Purdicom is an exciting, fast-growing technology company based in Oxfordshire. We are a value-added distributor acting as a supply chain partner to many well-established vendors and brands. We supply enterprise-level Wi-Fi,  Point-to-Point and security technologies to a very hungry market. The products and services we sell are always in high demand.

We are a privately owned, award-winning business that has become a recognised leader in its industry – and much like the industry itself, our company has been in continual rapid growth since its inception in 2005. Our friendly, diligent team work closely together to ensure our continued success – and it’s that success that our vendors and resellers benefit from when they jump aboard.

Who Are We?

We’re a friendly bunch, or so we’re told, not only renowned for our knowledge of wireless tech but also our love of football, fast cars and (arguably) awesome sense of humour. Those are just a few reasons our resellers love visiting the office and our staff actually look forward to coming to work in the morning!

Above all else though, what we really love to do is get to know you and your business goals. We want to know what products you sell, what services you provide, what challenges you face and ultimately, what’s your vision?  Where do you want to be this time next year?

We genuinely believe we have the best range of Wi-Fi and connectivity products on the market – products we test and use ourselves every day in the office. Our team have very high standards and work with only the best vendors and brands. If a product is not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our customers.

Our in-depth technical knowledge, alongside our suite of cutting-edge technologies and services, provides you with an opportunity to break out of the traditional vendor silos and work with a team that can provide everything you need to skyrocket your business all from one source.

“Our team are technically very astute. And that’s the secret. They look after the customer from start to finish. That’s a huge value add and we find people really like it.”

Hugh Garrod, MD

So what can we do for you?

Our promise to you

If you’re a reseller, VAR or MSP selling a product, you need to know you have enough options to fulfil the needs of your customer, whatever the challenges and whatever the budget. Our team will help ensure you can meet those challenges and fulfil those needs, on time and on budget.

You need to know that your distributor can advise you not only on the best product but also on the best combination of products for each application AND provide you with all the nuts, bolts and technical know how to put it all together.

Rocket Vector Take Off
Rocket Vector Take Off
Never walk away from business again

From a small village primary school to the full wireless infrastructure required for a Smart City, our team have the technical know-how and real-world experience to ensure you never have to walk away from a business opportunity no matter how challenging the project.

Purdicom will enable you to supply your customers with complete wired and wireless solutions from the ground up and provide you with all the technical knowledge you need to implement those solutions.


Yes! We have everything you need

From AP’s, firewalls and network security to the cabling infrastructure, switching, power supply back-ups and a beautiful front-end portal to pull it all together, we will supply everything for your project and be there to support you throughout the entire deployment process.

We can provide complete solutions for the most demanding of projects, all backed with our industry leading support and technical expertise, allowing you to move away from just shifting boxes and on to providing complete bespoke solutions to your customers.

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Value Added WiFi Technology Distributor
We are here to help you grow your business

You can command better margins and we will help you do that too. In fact, we can probably help you grow your business by 20-30% – and yes, we really do mean that – it’s easy, it’s what we do, and have done many times before.

Call us – get to know us, and let us get to know you and your business goals, and as part of our team, we can all grow together.

Call us on +44 (0)1488 647 647 or email sales@purdi.com 

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