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Siklu EtherHaul™ Hundred Series PtP

The Siklu EtherHaul™ Hundred Series suite of products are designed to be lightweight and very small in size.  These two attributes are of critical importance when designing radios that are targeting street level deployment. Operating at speeds of 1Gbps, this family offers a range of capacities and corresponding distances supported. All radios in this family are TDD based, and use Siklu’s patented OFDM Modem designed for mmWave at 60 – 70/80GHz.

Siklu EtherHaul 500 600 PtP Radios

Siklu EtherHaul™ Hundred Series


Carrier Class Construction and Performance

One of the smallest Gbps radios on the market delivering range and capacity, making site acquisition and installation on street furniture straightforward. This range of products also feature carrier grade performance, vital for mission critical network connectivity. With up to 1Gbps throughput over ranges as far as 1.6 miles (2.6km) and field proven advanced all-silicon integration, which yields a high 90-yr MTBF.

Spectrum Agility

Interference-free operation in the 60GHz band (EH-600) and the 70GHz band (EH-710) with wide frequency support that covers 57GHz to 66GHz in a single product (EH-600) and the EH-710 achieving up to the 70GHz band, with pencil width beams and 32 non-overlapping, user-selectable channels, that yield the industry’s highest scalability.

Flexible Topology and Interfaces

Advanced networking toolkit to create flexible topologies in chains, drop & insert and sub-50msec resilient rings. These products are designed for easy installation and commissioning using embedded tools to optimise channel selection, load testing and zero-touch commissioning.

EtherHaul™ Hundred Series Products

Siklu EtherHaul™ EH600

The Siklu EtherHaul 600 series delivers up to 1Gbps in a form factor that is small enough and rugged enough to be deployed at street level on poles and light fixtures. Virtually any installer can deploy the EH-600 with very little training or experience. Physical installation from opening the box to passing traffic can be as little as 15 minutes when using pre-configurations loaded into the radio.

Siklu EtherHaul™ EH710

The Siklu EtherHaul 700 wireless bridge series delivers cost-efficient, interference-free, ethernet connectivity. Operating over the uncongested lightly-licensed E-band, the EH710 PtP radio link is easily deployed on any street furniture or rooftop.

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