Aginet by TP Link

End-to-end Wi-Fi Management Solution for ISP

Aginet is TP-Link’s sub-brand dedicated to supporting Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It is committed to providing flexible products, agile and pragmatic solutions, and incomparable services. Aginet provides the best cost-performance ratio with a wide range of carrier-grade products for high-speed broadband connectivity and home WiFi coverage. TAUC (TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud) solution facilitates the rollout, deployment, and remote management of services and networks for ISPs.

Purdicom is excited to announce we have expanded our TP-Link distribution portfolio to include its range of Aginet wireless hardware and management solutions for ISPs.

With a focus on innovation and reliability, TP-Link rapidly earned its reputation as a trusted industry leader in advanced wireless tech. TP-Link’s Aginet management platform for ISPs, which includes TAUC, Aginet ACS, Aginet Config, and Aginet App, alongside Aginet hardware, provides a comprehensive remote Wi-Fi management solution, enabling ISPs to reduce operational costs and accelerate troubleshooting, simultaneously maximizing both profits and customer satisfaction.

TAUC Solution

As the next-generation of Wi-Fi management, TAUC offers the TR-369 USP cloud server, carrier-grade TR-369 CPE, a customised mobile app, and tailor-made API services for our ISP customers to form the foundation of our TAUC solutions.

Aginet ACS

TP-Link Aginet ACS helps WISPs reduce on-site support by performing operations, diagnosis, and maintenance remotely, and facilitate extensive automation to reduce operation costs.

ACS Solution TP Link Aginet
Aginet ACS Solution TP-Link
TP-Link Aginet ACs Wi-Fi Config

Aginet Config

TP-Link Aginet Configuration (B)

Use Aginet Config to deploy ISP-customised config as the default for all devices. The configuration will stay when your customers restore their devices with the reset button, reducing your operational costs and maintenance fees.

Aginet Config TP-Link
TP-Link Aginet Configuration (a)

TP-Link: Meet The Aginet Hardware

TP-Link Aginet Wi-Fi Routers

TP-Link’s Wi-Fi routers are some of the most competitive CPEs on the market, known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, Making use of various technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, and with support of dual band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless bands, these routers not only deliver faster than ever speed, but also provide a stable network environment to help ISPs to provide better user experience.

TP-Link Aginet WiFi Routers EX230VTP Link Aginet Wifi Router EX230V 3
TP Link Aginet Mesh Router HX510 EU (front)TP Link Aginet Mesh Router HX510 EU (back)

TP-Link Aginet Home Network

TP-Link Aginet home WiFi system uses multiple devices to provide end-users a seamless, intelligent and easy-to-configure mesh network that covers the entire home. The system can also be remotely managed via TR-069/TR-369, helping ISPs to improve the efficiency of CPE management and reduce after-sales service costs.

TP-Link Aginet VDSL

TP-Link’s high-performance VDSL solutions include 212a/VDSL2 35b/30a/17a gateways gateways. Integrated with super-fast Wi-Fi, VoIP, TR-069 protocol and build-in firewall, these products meet the growing demand of end users for uninterrupted data, voice and HD video streaming services.

TP-Link Aginet VDSL VX420-G2HTP-Link Aginet VDSL VX420-G2H
TP-Link Aginet GPON XC220-G3V BRSP (front)TP-Link Aginet GPON XC220-G3V BRSP (back)

TP-Link Aginet GPON

TP-Link’s GPON HGU(Home Gateway Unit) solution delivers multiple services through a single optical fiber connection to support ISPs in the delivery of popular triple play services. Advanced technologies bring a combination of broadband Internet, HDTV, VoIP and online gaming straight to subscribers.

TP-Link Aginet 4G/5G Router

TP-Link 4G/5G Router take full of advantage of the cutting-edge 5G, 4G+, and 4G networks, which can enable you share your network with multiple Wi-Fi devices, ensuring uninterrupted HD movies, rapid file downloads, and smooth video chats. They are also fully compatible with FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE, which are supported by most operators around the globe.

TP-Link Aginet 4G 5G Router MX515 vEU1 (front)TP Link Aginet 4G 5G Router MX515V (back)

Why choose Purdicom as your TP-Link supplier?

With extensive expertise in both wired and wireless technology, not only are we able to provide the best prices, but most importantly, the best advice.  Our geeky team of WiFi obsessed wizards will happily assist you with any questions to help you find the best wireless gear for your needs – whether you’re ready to buy or just want to pick our brains for the best TP-Link AP or switching device for your specific deployment scenario, we’re always here to help – so give us a shout!  0333 12 12 100

Value Add At Purdicom

Heat Mapping & Network Design

A free comprehensive report outlining the number of AP's required for full Wi-Fi coverage.

Access Point Labeling

Document all MAC addresses and serial numbers ready for the access points to be deployed in their final location.


‘Not for Resale’ (NFR) kit can be purchased at a heavily reduced rate for demo and testing.