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Cloud-based multi-factor-authentication (MFA) services like WatchGuard’s AuthPoint offer all you need to mitigate credential theft, fraud and phishing attacks. 


MFA that is powerfully easy

So what is MFA? This is when you use two or more authentication factors from:

1. Something you know (PIN or password)
2. Something you have (mobile phone or token)
3. Something you are (fingerprint or face ID)

Do you know the number one method a hacker will use? You guessed it; they use stolen credentials to breach a network. Unfortunately, passwords are no longer enough to keep your assets, accounts, and information secure. Here are some interesting facts why:

80% of users will reuse passwords across multiple accounts
6% of internet users use the same password across all online accounts
About 46% of employees use personal  passwords for company accounts

Passwords are only one line of defence, they’re easy to hack, a hacker can steal or buy just one employee’s password on the dark web and can usually then access the entire network. With the increasing sophistication of hacker technologies and tools, the easiest step of a hack is often cracking the password. Once in, they can do whatever they want, this could be spreading malware, or stealing and modifying critical information. All it takes is one breached password to put the company’s entire networks at risk.


AuthPoint WatchGuard Hacker Journey

What lines of defence are there? Think it wouldn’t happen to your credentials? Or your colleague’s credentials? Wondering the best way to protect yourself? Changing employee behaviour around password security is not enough, historically this does not work, and creates an overly complex user experience. This is where MFA comes in, it is a method of verification that adds a layer of security to logins beyond a username and password. It helps to ensure a hacker cannot access your system even if your own or a colleague’s password is compromised.

AuthPoint WatchGuard Hacker Journey


WatchGuard’s unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) service, AuthPoint, helps to keep a user’s assets, information, and user identities secure. AuthPoint works by requiring users to use two or more authentication factors to log in, rather than just a password. Companies can significantly reduce the risk of having their accounts hacked by using multiple layers of authentication. AuthPoint makes this level of protection easy, using the AuthPoint mobile app a user approves or denies login attempts. After users have logged in, they can then use single sign-on (SSO) across key accounts.

AuthPoint is based entirely in the cloud, which means there is no expensive hardware to deploy, no software to update and can be managed from anywhere. It is so easy to manage that it doesn’t require an in-house security expert to get started.

Travel for work? AuthPoint functions both online and offline, meaning users can securely log in even if accessing their ac­count from an aeroplane. By using QR code-based authentication, users can log in anywhere, at any time.

Eliminate the number one risk to your business with AuthPoint


AuthPoint is one of the most important safeguards needed to protect modern small and medium-sized businesses. Since passwords are so easily stolen or cracked, many firms are adopting MFA as a means of keeping their identities and assets secure. Would you bet your business on the strength of your employees’ password? You don’t have to with AuthPoint, it’s affordable, it’s powerful and it’s easy to use.


WatchGuard Authpoint MFA Map
VPN’S/ Remote Access
WatchGuard AuthPoint Cloud
Cloud Applications – Web SSO
WatchGuard Authpoint MFA WiFi
PC Login – Online Authentication
WatchGuard Authpoint No WiFi
PC Login – Offline Authentication

Roughly 250,000 passwords are stolen every day, and the cost of a breach can be enough to put a company out of business. You can easily reduce your cyber risk and get a high return on your security spend using AuthPoint. Eliminate the number one risk to your business with WatchGuard’s AuthPoint.

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