RUCKUS Analytics Updated to 2.0 – It Just Keeps On Getting Better

RUCKUS Analytics Updated to 2.0 –
It Just Keeps On Getting Better


RUCKUS Analytics is a cloud service for network analytics and assurance. It is powered by machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), meaning that it helps your customers get more out of their network management, giving complete visibility of the network operations.


• RUCKUS Analytics automatically identifies network issues and classifies each case by severity, outlining what caused the problems and what steps to take

• RUCKUS Analytics looks after the end-users network by monitoring its health and providing incident analytics, whether the issue is with a device or individual users connectivity

• Offers automatic advanced troubleshooting features

• Delivers robust reports and informative dashboards


 There are more switch insights such as POE power disconnections or a VLAN configuration mismatch and a new POE utilisation chart to show the POE usage of switches.

An increase of PoE devices (Wi-Fi wireless access points, Wi-Fi 6 devices, VoIP phones and switches) being connected to the network, can lead to the PoE budget coming under pressure, meaning connectivity issues can occur. This can result in a poor end-user experience. However, features like automatic flagging VLAN mismatch saves IT teams workloads as this feature helps to identify issues in advance.

Shows the RUCKUS Analytics VLAN mismatch insight

The minimum controller version is 5.2.1, and the switch version is 8.0.95 or later to support switch analysis, CPU insights and other RUCKUS features

Another handy new feature is that RUCKUS Analytics now monitors the switches memory utilisation. The software remembers every switch’s memory usage, automatically flags operation, and predicts a future failure date if the current overused memory usage is not addressed.

Topology view which will show the physical connections of devices 

Having a clear overview of what is connected on the network has never been a bad thing; however, with this feature, you will get a diagram of the whole network and useful features, including the names of the vendor, switch model, and the version currently being used.

Shows the RUCKUS Analytics interactive network topology


RUCKUS Analytics comes with an AI-powered virtual help assistant called Melissa, which answers any questions that an IT department might have regarding the network health, the most popular applications used, or the busiest SSID on the network today or last week. Melissa answers within seconds. Check out the quick demo here: RUCKUS Analytics Melissa Virtual Network Assistant Demo

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