Cloud Simplicity meets Better Wi-Fi

RUCKUS Cloud is an AI-enabled, converged wired and wireless network management-as-a-service platform that enables IT to deliver exceptional user experiences, simply. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and patented machine learning techniques, RUCKUS Cloud gives IT the troubleshooting tools to react quickly to service-affecting issues and to stop network anomalies from rising to the service-affecting level.

There are two ways to deliver RUCKUS Cloud. Option one would be to use Public Cloud, which is RUCKUS’ own Cloud infrastructure that is cloud managed and is ideal for solution providers who are seeking a simple, quick-to-market way to start delivering RUCKUS Cloud-managed networking. Option two is to use Private Cloud that uses a SmartZone virtual or physical appliance which is ideal for solution providers who are building and managing bespoke WLAN networks and are ready to invest in their own cloud environment.

In this blog we will be focussing on the customer journey for Public Cloud.


Why Cloud-Managed networking?

Maybe because your IT Department simply doesn’t have time to manage multiple sites independently. They might not have the ability to use multiple user interfaces for one network. They might not be able to maintain, update and patch appliances or proactively address network issues. They might not even know whether their network is meeting user or customer requirements.

RUCKUS Cloud is designed to be simple. It offers you a unified wired and wireless management platform allowing you to manage anywhere between 10 sites to 10,000 sites from anywhere. It provides high performance networking with the best Wi-Fi and the best multi gigabit edge to core switching, also allowing for restful APIs and enabling automation via scripting. Instant analytics are also available at an additional cost to RUCKUS Cloud, allowing you to view the route cause analysis and remediation AI driven severity classification, as well as network health monitoring, defining your own SLA creation and performance monitoring.


Why RUCKUS Cloud?

Comparing all the different cloud managed offerings, this one provides you with great Wi-Fi. This is our core promise. RUCKUS is known for great Wi-Fi performance, even under challenging RF conditions. It is simplified management, offering an intuitive UI, singe pane of glass visibility and flexibility to lower total cost of ownership, managing your entire wireless network from anywhere. With RUCKUS you can store fewer APs and still get better performance, saving you both capex and opex over competitive solutions. Investment protection allows you to keep using your RUCKS APs regardless of how you manage them. Unlike certain competitors, you can migrate from controllerless or on-premises controller if your needs change, without having to change your access points.

Cloud WIFI powered by RUCKUS Cloud

Unified management gives some of the day back to your IT team as it allows you to provision, monitor and manage every site via a mobile app, from anywhere. You can monitor the wireless, the wired network across all sites from a single device or a web UI. You can easily create Wi-Fi networks or switch configurations from both platforms. You can even get detailed reports and/or analytics from a single click. The full featured mobile app frees IT teams from desk tyranny by allowing for provisioning, monitoring, and managing. Simply scan barcodes to add APs and switches, monitor connections, status, and performance, and with new networks you can update the captive portal, reboot elements, reset passwords and schedule availability. The feature rich possibilities enable you to do it all from your mobile phone device. It also allows for full customisation of your captive portal if you have a guest network.

The simple provisioning and deployment is a plug-and-play setup and installation that allows for automatic cloud discovery, connection, firmware updates and provisioning. In three quick, simple steps you can have a functioning network, and power-up with AP/Switches serving clients in under 10 minutes.

Wireless management provides different types of authentications:

  • Employee/Private
    • WPA2 PSK – simple, easy passphrase security
    • DPSK – per-device key enhances the security of standard PSK
    • 802.1X – enterprise-grade security with EAP authentication and AES encryption
    • Cloudpath – automated onboarding and 802.1X with certificates
  • Guest/Public
    • Open – come in…connectivity as easy as it gets
    • Click-through – requires users to see and agree to the terms and conditions
    • Passcode – requires users to obtain a passcode before joining
    • SMS / Email – validate the user during connectivity and collects some basic ID
    • Social – use social networks to authenticate a user and identify them later
  • Sponsored Guest
    • Open – control access for trusted guests in an enterprise environment


Cloud-managed connectivity from a single interface

We support Wi-Fi, BLE and Zigbee, but CommScope vision for the enterprise is one which every element of the distributor unified fabric is monitored by a single analytics engine and managed from a single cloud-based console. If you need better in-building coverage, CommScope is the only networking vendor that offers you a licence band small sell distributed antenna system. If you need private networks for critical applications such as video surveillance, communications, or industrial automations, CommScope is the only networking vendor to offer this capability, with end-to-end connectivity.

If you are interested to find out more, RUCKUS Cloud offer a free 60-day trial. Simply click here to find out more.


Managed Service Provider (MSP) Business Model & Licensing

We have specific RUCKUS Cloud licenses just for MSPs. When you purchase your MSP licence, you own the licence and manage the service. You find the customer and assign them their own licence and set a convenient expiry date. You can then re-assign the same licence to a different customer at the end of the expiry if required, providing the licence is still valid. You can even give a custom URL, allowing you to manage access points, switches and review your analytics.

To create the customer account and understand the end user experience, watch the third part of the RUCKUS Technical Family videos presented by Alex Claro, Director of Technical at Purdicom.

Ruckus Cloud Simplicity meets Better WiFi

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