Meet CertaUPS, our new vendor!

Our new vendor, CertaUPS is joining us at the Purdicom Open Day in less than a week! This will be the first time the vendor will have joined us at an event, and we’re excited to share with you all their products and services that they can offer. CertaUPS has a unique position within the Purdicom portfolio as they offer something no other vendor offers; protection on your solution. CertaUPS manufacture backup power solutions that offer industry leading resilience and are the most highly sought-after uninterruptible power supply solutions across all industry sectors.

As a new vendor, we thought it would be beneficial if we asked them for a little insight into the future of power solutions within the industry and what they think resellers should be getting behind.

Where do you see the largest opportunities for growth in the coming years?

C: ‘The largest opportunities for growth are likely to come from the developments surrounding the IoT. With more and more devices being connected, the need for uninterrupted power is fast becoming an essential part of critical infrastructures.’

P: At Purdicom, we’re now asking our customers if they’ve ensured their end-users have the full solution. It’s crucial with the growth of IoT that there is something to protect the network in the case of system failure.

What are your predictions for the future of Wifi?

C: ‘Wifi will continue to evolve and the reliance on Wifi connections will continue to grow. Users still require security in their network infrastructures. It is unlikely that we will see mass adoption of 5G soon as the infrastructure is still being built. Until 5G has proven stability, Wifi will continue to expand.’

P: Wifi will continue to be the most dominant in the marketplace because the demand is and will continue to be for Wifi-enabled devices.

Are there any future changes in the market that will drive change or demand for your technology?

C: ‘The use of electric vehicles will have an impact on power quality, which will drive demand for UPS solutions. With the cost of batteries reducing it is also likely that there will be an uptake in li-ion UPS solutions.’

P: The increase of the Cloud and relying on data center technologies, with more data being online and being virtualised are key market changes are our predictions for the future. As the demand to stay online is huge, the future of the UPS market is sure to see a large increase in sales to maintain this demand.

In your opinion, what new trends should resellers be getting behind?

C: ‘Resellers should be including UPS systems as part of their offering against other equipment and taking a more proactive approach to mitigating risk and failures’

P: The consequences of having your network fail is extreme and should be considered as part of the solution offered. The cost of downtime to a business is considerable. Here at Purdicom, we use UPS to ensure if the network was to fail, we can stay online until it is fixed.

What verticals do you think will be the most successful areas for your technology in the coming years? And why?

C: ‘UPS systems are essential across all verticals, so the opportunities are endless. We are already seeing greater adoption of UPS systems on more specialist, niche applications such as signal masts. As part of the largest independent solutions provider in the UK, CertaUPS can quickly deliver custom solutions to meet exacting demands.’

P: We’re already offering CertaUPS within all our verticals here at Purdicom and it’s important that customers understand the potential risks associated with their network if it was to fail, without a backup power solution.

There are huge opportunities for offering CertaUPS to your customers and we’re excited to have them join us at the Purdicom Open Day. Make sure you go and chat with them to see what they can do to support you and how you can use their solutions.

You can sign up to the Purdicom Open Day on 10th July here.