Safeguarding Your Remote Workforce

Prioritising Cybersecurity Whilst Working From Home

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge change in the landscape of work. Hybrid working has dramatically increased, with a large portion of employees now working from the comfort of their homes. Whilst this has proven to be efficient and effective for most businesses, it also presents itself with new challenges, particularly around cybersecurity. As the lines between professional and personal blur, the security of your employees and your business must be a top priority. This blog explores the vulnerabilities associated with remote working and how you can protect your workforce whilst working remotely.

The Rising Threats To Home Wi-Fi Networks:

Working from home provides great flexibility for employees and is increasingly becoming a requirement for a lot of people when seeking new job opportunities, but also introduces security risks, especially when employees use their home Wi-Fi networks. Cyber attackers are increasingly targeting these networks, putting businesses at risk of potential breaches.

To create a safe remote work environment, deploying a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a crucial first step. A VPN channels all computer traffic through your company’s firewall, safeguarding all data transmissions. However, a more comprehensive approach is necessary to provide consistent protection for your employees, regardless of their location.

WatchGuard Passport – One Unified Solution

Introducing WatchGuard Passport, a comprehensive solution designed by WatchGuard, a leading network security vendor. This bundle includes user-focused security services that seamlessly adapt to the dynamic work environments of your employees. Let’s delve into the key components of WatchGuard Passport:

AuthPoint – Multi-Factor Authentication:

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint adds an extra layer of security by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This solution prevents credential-stealing malware and data breaches, ensuring that only authorised users access your network. AuthPoint sends push messages, QR codes, or one-time passwords, coupled with the unique mobile device DNA, to authenticate users securely.

DNSWatchGo – DNS Protection

As users move away from the network, visibility into their internet activity massively reduces, creating potential blind spots within your business’s security. DNSWatchGO tackles this issue by providing consolidated visibility into protected devices, regardless of their location. It monitors outbound DNS requests against malicious domains, blocking any suspicious traffic and protecting users from phishing or malware attacks.

Endpoint Security

While DNSWatchGO focuses on detecting and blocking malicious communications, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) takes security a step further. EDR manages endpoints with features like ransomware protection, device isolation, threat correlation, and traditional antivirus protections. This proactive approach detects and neutralises threats, ensuring a robust defence against malware.

WatchGuard Passport One Unified Solution MFA Endpoint Security DNS Cloud Managed

Cloud-Managed Security

WatchGuard Passport is 100% Cloud-managed, allowing you to secure your entire workforce from one remote location. The cloud-based management system provides visibility into reports, alerts, and configuration services. Additionally, it enables the deployment of endpoint clients and management of authentication tokens, offering a centralised and efficient approach to cybersecurity.


Prioritising cybersecurity is non-negotiable with the increasing number of employees working from home. WatchGuard Passport is a comprehensive solution, addressing the unique security challenges that can be faced within the workplace. By implementing MFA, DNS protection, and endpoint security through WatchGuard Passport, businesses can empower their employees to work securely from any location, ensuring the safety of sensitive data and preserving the integrity of their operations.

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