Cambium Networks XMS-Cloud Part One

Cambium Networks XMS-Cloud: Introduction


Welcome to our first in a series of three blog posts, this first post aims to introduce XMS Cloud. XMS-Cloud is a powerful solution for deploying and managing your Wi-Fi and Switching network with complete control and visibility. Enjoy the benefits of a superior console interface where all services are integrated at no extra cost.

XMS-Cloud architecture is built with no centralised dependencies and no single-point-of-failure. Even if the network goes down, the APs are still able to operate if the Cloud connection is lost. Cloud platforms are not a point of network failure, instead, security and traffic are processed directly at the network edge in each AP.



One dashboard, Integrated Cloud control for all locations, APs, switches, portals & users. Zero-touch activation to automated software upgrades, patches, and licenses. The system supports all devices, including IoT, regardless of the operating system, and DPI technology lets network administrators control more than 2,000 applications at the network’s edge where they can be allowed, blocked, or throttled to achieve predictable performance even under heavy network load.


EasyPass makes the Wi-Fi connection experience virtually seamless for end users because it does not require users to download applications or install certificates.

EasyPass has eight different types of access portals. Employees with minimal technical knowledge can easily and securely connect personal devices to the corporate network using Microsoft, Google or simple IT-issued credentials.

Role-based Wi-Fi access with Office 365 or Google SSO. Multi-level security is fundamental to XMS-Cloud architecture to ensure the privacy of data and protection from external exploits.

Multi-tenancy isolates customer data, and encryption prevents the visibility of communications between a customer site and the Cloud. User data is kept separate from management data whereby only management data enters the Cloud.


Instantly boost mobile edge capacity from the Cloud, software-defined radios can be upgraded remotely, allowing the network administrator to provide radio coverage dynamically without the added cost of installation and does not require any hardware replacement.

XMS-Cloud accommodates current and future needs as Wi-Fi device use continues to grow and user habits change.

Built on the same scalable, next-generation NoSQL database used by the largest internet companies, Xirrus Cloud services support multi-tenancy and networks using tens of thousands of APs and clients. Flexible SaaS scales to support peak usage scenarios.

Superior TCO

Fewer devices reduce overall cost. As budgets diminish and time becomes a scarce commodity, Cloud services bring affordability and efficiency to network management. An enhanced Cloud-based software, “XMS-Cloud”, simplifies wireless network design and deployment.

Cambium Networks continues to provide the most advanced Wi-Fi technologies to meet organisations’ increasing connectivity needs. Software-defined multi-radio architecture that delivers multi-gigabit Wi-Fi 6 performance to support more simultaneous video streams and more concurrent users than ever before at a low cost.


We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to XMS Cloud. In the next post, we will cover network configuration and zero-touch provisioning.

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