Why Siklu and CertaUPS Are the Perfect Summer Upgrade

Why Siklu and CertaUPS Are the Perfect Summer Upgrade


As university campuses around the UK prepare for the upcoming academic year, now is the perfect time to consider an infrastructure upgrade. With the summer holidays in full swing, campuses are relatively empty, making it the perfect time to implement significant improvements without disrupting daily operations. At Purdicom, we believe that investing in our solutions today can ensure a seamless, efficient, and secure environment for students and staff alike. Have you considered using Siklu’s advanced wireless solutions and CertaUPS’s reliable power systems? Let’s explore the combined benefits of these technologies and why this summer is a great time to enhance your campus infrastructure.

Siklu: Revolutionising Campus Connectivity

High-Speed, Reliable Wireless Backhaul
Siklu is a leader in millimetre wave (mmWave) technology, providing high-capacity wireless solutions that are ideal for university campuses. As universities increasingly rely on digital platforms for teaching, research and administration, robust and reliable connectivity is key. Siklu’s multi-gigabit wireless backhaul solutions ensure that every corner of the campus, from lecture theatres to halls of residence, benefits from high-speed internet access.

Scalability and Flexibility
One of the standout features of Siklu’s technology is its scalability. Whether the campus covers a small town or is spread throughout a city, Siklu’s solutions can be tailored to fit these specific needs. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for universities planning future expansions, as Siklu’s modular approach allows for easy scalability without significant additional investments.

Enhanced Security
With the growing concerns around cybersecurity, especially in educational environments that handle vast amounts of sensitive data, Siklu’s encrypted wireless communication offers peace of mind. Their solutions incorporate advanced security protocols to protect data integrity and privacy, ensuring that your campus network remains secure against potential threats.

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Siklu and Certa Blog Images

CertaUPS: Ensuring an Uninterrupted Power Supply

Dependable Power Backup
While Siklu provides the backbone for seamless connectivity, CertaUPS ensures that this connectivity remains uninterrupted. CertaUPS is known for its reliable and efficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which are essential in maintaining continuous network operations. Power outages and fluctuations can be detrimental to a campus’s daily functions. CertaUPS’s systems are designed to provide immediate backup power, ensuring that all critical systems stay online without a hitch.

Energy Efficiency
CertaUPS is committed to sustainability, offering energy-efficient solutions that help universities reduce their carbon footprint. Their systems are designed to optimise power usage, providing maximum efficiency and contributing to the university’s sustainability goals. This not only helps in reducing operational costs but also aligns with the growing environmental responsibilities of universities.

Ease of Management and Maintenance
CertaUPS solutions come with user-friendly management tools that make it easy to monitor and maintain power systems across the campus. This ensures that the IT staff can quickly address any issues, reducing downtime and maintaining a smooth operational flow.

Using Siklu and CertaUPS together

When combined, Siklu and CertaUPS offer a comprehensive solution that addresses both connectivity and power reliability, forming the backbone of a resilient university infrastructure. Here’s why investing in these technologies together makes sense:

Integrated Resilience

The combination of Siklu’s high-speed wireless backhaul and CertaUPS’s reliable power supply creates a resilient infrastructure that can withstand digital and power-related challenges. This integrated approach ensures that even during a power outage, the campus network remains functional, allowing essential operations to continue without interruption.

Cost Efficiency

By upgrading both the connectivity and power supply simultaneously, universities can benefit from cost efficiencies. Bundled solutions often come with discounts and reduced installation costs, making it a financially wise decision. Additionally, the long-term savings from reduced downtime and improved operational efficiency further justify the initial investment.

Futureproofing The Campus

Investing in Siklu and CertaUPS technologies means futureproofing the campus. With the rapid advancements in educational technologies and the increasing reliance on digital platforms, having a robust and scalable infrastructure is essential. These solutions are designed to grow with your institution, ensuring that you remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

Why Upgrade During the Summer Break?

Minimal Disruption

The summer break is the quietest period on university campuses, making it the best time to undertake significant infrastructure projects. With fewer students and staff around, the installation process can proceed smoothly, ensuring that everything is up and running by the time the new academic year begins.

Preparation for the New Academic Year

Upgrading your infrastructure during the summer ensures that your campus is fully prepared to handle the demands of the upcoming academic year. With the increasing use of online resources, video lectures, and digital collaboration tools, having a strong and reliable infrastructure is essential for delivering a high-quality educational experience.

Ready to Transform your Campus?

At Purdicom, we are committed to helping universities build future-ready campuses. By integrating Siklu’s advanced wireless solutions with CertaUPS’s dependable power systems, we offer a comprehensive approach to campus infrastructure that ensures connectivity and reliability.

Discover More

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As the summer holidays provide a window of opportunity, now is the time to invest in your campus’s future. Embrace the power of Siklu and CertaUPS to unlock unparalleled connectivity and reliability, setting your university on the path to success. Don’t miss out on this chance to upgrade—act now and be ready for the new academic year with the best in technology and infrastructure.

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