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Ascom UK is a global solutions provider of Information Communications Technology (ICT), mobile workflow and communication systems focused on healthcare, retail, hospitality and manufacturing.

Ascom specialises in smart communication and workflow systems that enable organisations to automate and control communications between staff, buildings-infrastructure and business operations. The vision of Ascom is to close digital information gaps allowing for the best possible decisions to made – anytime and anywhere.

Ascom powers it’s IP-DECT, VoIP and smart devices with Ascom Unite, a management platform that integrates with third party systems such as IoT sensors, patient call systems, security, fire alarms and hospitality property management systems. This allows for alerts to be made across business functions, throughout a building’s operations and between personnel.

Ascom Products

Ascom Unite

Ascom Unite seamlessly integrates advanced messaging, and system management in one unique, powerful package. Ascom
Unite extends the reach of these systems to mobile devices to optimise communication for mobile work teams. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools and other businesses with mobile workers.

Ascom Myco 3 Handset UK
Smart Devices

Ascom smart devices allow communication and coordination across voice, messaging, task assignment and more, connecting staff and management to the Ascom Unite system. It enables collaboration and removes workflow bottlenecks, sending what it has learned to back-end administrative and analytical systems.

IP-DECT Handsets

Ascom IP-DECT combines Voice over IP with Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT) technology. Ascom IP-DECT is a reliable wireless communication solution that offers enterprise-grade telephony, professional messaging, personal alarm, and positioning over secure dedicated frequency bands.

VoWiFi Handsets

Ascom VoWiFi handsets offers enterprise grade wireless telephony, messaging and personal alarm capabilities with Wi-Fi technologies. Using VoIP means both telephony and enterprise applications (e.g. Internet, e-email, etc.) can utilise the same network infrastructure.

Value Add for Indoor Wi-Fi

Technical Support

Our Technical Team are always available to assist in any technical queries you may have. We can even provide on site support where required.

Bespoke Webinars

If you’re unable to attend a training course or you need some additional help on a manufacturer, our Technical Team offer bespoke webinars tailored to your specific needs.


We can help you with case studies, emails or co-branded material. Contact us to find out more

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