RUCKUS SmartZone – Simplifying Network Setup and Management

SmartZone is RUCKUS’ approach to on-premises LAN/WLAN network management. If you want to have your own private cloud or physical controller, the SmartZone platform is the best way to achieve this. It can manage access points and switches, with the ability to be connected to RUCKUS Analytics.

It allows for unprecedented scalability, allowing for up to 100,000s client devices. Active clustering allows for N + 1 redundancy for local failover, whilst geo-redundancy allows for uninterrupted service with WAN failover, as well as multiple platform options with deployment flexibility with on-premises or public/private cloud support. We support Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, VM Ware, ESXI Nutanix and KVM.

There is a single pane of glass for both wired and wireless devices. We support resource partitioning and isolation with multi-tenancy support. You have the capability to integrate APIs with REST API support and simple licencing options for easy administration. As the licences are not tied to hardware, you can swap out hardware without having to repurchase licences.

There are several different controllers available, however, it is all about selecting the controller that is right for you.

RUCKUS SmartZone Network Controller

RUCKUS SmartZone Benefits

One Platform

A single platform to manage your wired and wireless network for deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting access points and switches.

Automated Provisioning

L3 and L2 auto-discovery and auto-provisioning of access points and switches, reducing manual admin and deployment time.


RUCKUS SmartZone network controller can manage 100,000s of client devices and up to 30 Gbps of throughput and more.

Fast Troubleshooting

Provides visual connection diagnostics speeds that help detect problems ahead of time, with special capabilities that enable IT teams to quickly detect future connectivity issues for the end user.

Custom Dashboards

SmartZone enables third-party applications and scripts to involve provisioning, configuration and real-time monitoring of APs and switches.

Ultra-high Resiliency

SmartZone protects from failures with inter and intra-cluster failover. Active clusters deliver higher availability versus traditional hot standby.

To find out more about RUCKUS SmartZone, watch our latest Technical Family Videos presented by Alex Claro, Director of Technical at Purdicom.

RUCKUS SmartZone: Network setup & management

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