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IoT stands for “Internet of Things.” It refers to the network of physical objects, devices, and machines that are connected to the internet and can collect, share, and exchange data. These objects, also known as “smart” devices, have sensors and embedded technology that allow them to communicate with each other and with other systems, such as smartphones, computers, and servers. Examples of IoT devices include smart home appliances, wearable fitness trackers, connected cars, and industrial machinery used in manufacturing and logistics. The data collected by these devices can be analysed to gain insights and improve processes, efficiency, and user experiences.

IoT refers to the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. Ruckus Networks provides IoT solutions that allow businesses and service providers to securely connect and manage these devices, while also providing advanced analytics and automation capabilities.

Ruckus Networks is a company that specializes in providing wireless networking equipment and software solutions for businesses and service providers. Offering a range of IoT products, including wireless access points, network switches, and management software, there’s a solution for any company in any vertical. These products are designed to support a variety of IoT applications, such as smart building automation, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring.

In summary, Ruckus Networks provides IoT solutions that enable businesses and service providers to securely connect and manage a wide range of devices, while also providing advanced analytics and automation capabilities.

The complexity and fragmentation of standards in IoT pose challenges for organisations seeking to support IoT use cases. This can slow down enterprise IoT deployments, increase risks and reduce ROI. However, an IoT access network can solve these issues by consolidating multiple physical-layer networks into a single converged network, simplifying IoT sensor and device onboarding, establishing uniform security protocols, and converging IoT endpoint management and policy-setting.

The RUCKUS® IoT Suite simplifies the creation of IoT access networks by leveraging LAN and WLAN infrastructure. This approach accelerates deployments, reduces costs, and maximizes benefits from IoT. With a RUCKUS IoT network, organisations can aggregate and backhaul IoT traffic over their new or existing RUCKUS Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Moreover, the RUCKUS converged edge network brings together wireless, wired, and IoT networks into a common network architecture, simplifying management, provisioning, assurance, and security. The RUCKUS IoT portfolio also includes the powerful IoT Insights platform, which provides powerful visualization of deployed IoT devices and enables cross-device correlated actions. For instance, Insights can detect and prevent a water leak in an apartment or provide tailored guest experiences in a hospitality venue.

RUCKUS Networks IoT Suite

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