RUCKUS – BETTER TOGETHER: Cloud Switching It Up!

The Ruckus cloud platform has the ability to manage and apply configuration to connected switches at any time from any place. The first thing you are presented with is the dashboard page which contains information for a particular venue. This information includes traffic, clients as well as networking devices currently connected and crucially any errors the switches may be suffering from.

Ruckus Cloud - Main Dashboard

You have full visibility of your switches and the ability to select individual switches allowing you to view their status as well as modify configuration if required on a per port basis.

Ruckus Cloud - Switches

You can view even more information and other settings allowing you to apply configuration and manage the switch. You have great insight into your POE usage as well as which ports are using POE, there are also traffic statistics which can scale up to 30 days of data.

Taking this further with Ruckus Analytics you can really expand the data collection and see how the switch has been utilised over a year.

Ruckus Cloud - Overview

There are multiple tabs available, the clients tab gives you insight into connected devices and what ports they are connected on. It will show you the device type and with the help of LLDP a description will be provided when connected to Ruckus AP’s.

Ruckus Cloud - Clients

The events tab will give you full visibility of what status your switch is in, it will describe the status during the onboarding process and other information once onboarded.

Rukcus Cloud - Events

The capability of restoring previous switch configuration has been implemented into the cloud platform. This feature allows you to restore a switches previous configuration so if there have been changes made that have caused issues you can revert to the last known working configuration.

Not only can you restore a previous configuration but you can also compare configurations to see any differences or changes that have been made.

Ruckus Cloud - Config Management

Lastly there is the troubleshooting section which provides you with all the right tools to help find any faults or connection issues faced. The usual tools are included such as ping, traceroute, IP route etc which means you no longer need to use the CLI of a switch to help with fault finding.

Ruckus Cloud

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