Revolutionising Primary Education: Overcoming Network Scaling Challenges with RUCKUS

The integration of technology into classrooms has become a necessity rather than a luxury. However, with this transformation comes a unique set of challenges that educational institutions must navigate. One of the most pressing issues faced by schools is the strain on networks and broadband infrastructure due to the increase of devices. Simultaneously, there’s a higher demand for stringent data privacy measures, coupled with deadlines to transition from traditional to digital learning. In this blog, we explore these challenges and introduce RUCKUS as a comprehensive solution to revolutionise Primary education networks for the future.

Coping with the Device Onslaught.

Coping with the Device Onslaught

In the modern classroom, students and educators alike are armed with an array of devices, from laptops to tablets and smartboards. The existing network infrastructure in many schools, however, struggles to handle the sheer volume of devices, resulting in slow connectivity, dropped connections, and frustrated users. This challenge is compounded by the pressure on IT teams to not only provide seamless connectivity, but also ensure the privacy of sensitive student data. 

RUCKUS – A Comprehensive Network Improvement Offering. 

Enter RUCKUS Networks, a leader in providing solutions for network scaling in education. RUCKUS offers a suite of products and services designed to address the unique challenges faced by Primary institutions. At the heart of the solution are RUCKUS APs (Access Points), network switches, and security measures that work in harmony to create a robust and efficient network infrastructure, all managed by one provider. 

Cloud-Based Platforms for Future-Proofing

RUCKUS doesn’t just solve current challenges; they have designed their extensive portfolio with the future in mind. By offering cloud-based platforms, schools can ensure scalability and adaptability to emerging technologies. This future-proofing ensures that the network infrastructure can seamlessly evolve with the changing needs and requirements of educational institutions as well as individual user experiences. 

Affordability Without Compromise on Performance

Budget constraints are common in educational settings, and RUCKUS understands this. The solution is not only high-performing but also affordable, making it accessible to schools with varying financial resources. This affordability doesn’t come at the expense of performance, ensuring that schools can provide a strong digital learning experience without breaking the bank. 

Wireless Access for Uninterrupted Connectivity

RUCKUS’s wireless access solutions ensure that connectivity issues become a thing of the past. With reliable and uninterrupted wireless connections, classrooms can become hubs of interactive learning, with students and teachers seamlessly engaging in online resources and collaborative platforms. 

What are the benefits of using RUCKUS: Transformative Features for Enhanced Education. 

The adoption of RUCKUS in educational institutions brings a multitude of benefits that extend beyond overcoming current challenges. By combining RUCKUS Access Points with Switches, many schools benefit from having their network all in one place, under a single pane of glass. 

Support for Cutting-Edge Programmes

Schools are adopting cutting-edge educational programmes that demand robust technological support. RUCKUS ensures that these programmes run seamlessly, providing students with an immersive and enriching learning experience. 

Flexible Capacity to Accommodate Growing Needs

As the number of devices and users continues to grow, RUCKUS’s flexible capacity allows educational institutions to scale their networks effortlessly. This adaptability is crucial in an environment where the number of connected devices is constantly on the rise. 

The Benefits of Using RUCKUS

End-to-End Visibility for Proactive Management

RUCKUS provides end-to-end visibility into network performance, allowing IT teams to proactively manage and address potential issues. This visibility ensures a reliable, smooth and uninterrupted learning experience for students and educators. 

Integration of Building Automation Systems

Beyond the classroom, RUCKUS enables schools to integrate building automation systems onto the network. This includes automatic light switches, HVAC control, and other smart features, contributing to energy efficiency and cost savings. 

What’s on offer to schools: School connectivity that is reliable and trustworthy. 

The RUCKUS product portfolio allows schools to deliver a great end-user connectivity experience while reducing the amount of time spent managing the network.

RUCKUS Indoor Access Points and Outdoor Access Points (APs)

  1. Wi-Fi 7 now available
  2. Providing reliable connectivity for all staff and students
  3. Non-stop VR, gaming, and video streaming network
  4. Multi-gigabit (2.5GbE) uplink
  5. Outdoor AP stats


SmartZone Network Controller

  1. Wired and wireless management
  2. Visual connection diagnostics
  3. Powerful new mapping tool
  4. Customisation with Open APIs


Cloud Solutions

  1. Easy management saves time
  2. Scales with 1:1 deployments
  3. High reliability for digital learning
  4. Can be managed from a smartphone
  5. RUCKUS AP’s and Switches are now managed by RUCKUS One Cloud Offering
  6. Long Distance Stacking 


  1. Silent classroom switches
  2. Leading power density (up to 90W)
  3. Uplink scaling (1/10/40/100GbE)
  4. Multi-gigabit (1/2.5/5/10GbE)
  5. Long Distance Stacking



  1. Can simply and easily add IoT during or after installation
  2. Keep your AP investment
  3. Reduce IoT complexity and cost
  4. Great for STEM learning
  5. Go green, save green


Cloudpath Software

  1. Easy Chromebook onboarding
  2. HTTPS inspection for CIPA
  3. Prevents password lockouts
  4. BYOD and 1:1 policies
  5. Dynamic PSK
  6. Granular policy guest access

See the benefits in the real world: Leigh Academy 

Discover the advantages of unified Wi-Fi and switching from one vendor spanning over 25 academies, supporting 20,000 students and 2,500 staff.

Leigh Academy RUCKUS Networks Case Study
Watch Case Study

Conclusion: Transforming Education with RUCKUS Networks

In conclusion, the challenges faced by Primary institutions in scaling their networks and transitioning to digital learning are formidable. However, with RUCKUS, schools can not only overcome these challenges but also transform their educational environments. The comprehensive suite of products and services offered by RUCKUS ensures that schools are equipped with the tools they need to provide a seamless, secure, and future-ready learning experience. As we look ahead to the future of education, RUCKUS stands at the forefront of many schools’ choices, guiding institutions towards a technologically advanced and interconnected learning ecosystem. 

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