Purdicom Awarded CertaUPS Distributor & Sales Person of the Year 2021

Purdicom Awarded CertaUPS Distributor & Sales Person of the Year 2021


CertaUPS is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) vendor, supporting businesses across the UK and Europe. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including major organisations spanning the commercial sector, IT, data centres, healthcare, the public sector, security and telecoms. With over 23 years of manufacturing history, CertaUPS is perfectly placed to service the industry with market-leading technology. CertaUPS offers extended warranties as standard and technical support that really does separate its proposition from the crowd.


Purdicom began working with CertaUPS in July 2019. The technology perfectly complements all types of network deployments and as such was an obvious partnership for Purdicom and its partners.

Since then, both CertaUPS and Purdicom have worked closely together to build awareness of this exceptional product portfolio in the channel and have enjoyed some excellent successes. We have also enjoyed a great working relationship whilst doing so.

2021 was yet another great year for our partnership and indeed was an exceptional year in many other ways, what we managed to achieve together included some great joint successes that we only expect to build upon further throughout 2022 and beyond.


“After an extraordinary couple of years, we are delighted to name Purdicom as the winner of the Distributor of the Year award for the second consecutive year!

This award recognises the overall service and support provided by a distributor to CertaUPS, taking into account the number of opportunities and projects sourced, pre and post-sales support and the marketing efforts they have displayed.

For the 617% increase of CertaUPS sales in the past 12 months and for the continued online marketing support, which has raised the CertaUPS brand profile in the IT sector, we award Purdicom with Distributor of the Year 2021.”

– CertaUPS

We are very grateful to CertaUPS for their continued support and look forward to another amazing year!

Certa UPS Distributor of the Year 2021


“I would like to say a massive thank you to CertaUPS for this award, it means a great deal to be recognised externally for the hard work and dedication I have put into achieving some big wins and opportunities over the past year, as well as developing both new and ongoing relationships with our valued customers.”

– Tim Herbert

Well done to Tim for an amazing year!

Certa UPS Sales Person of The Year 2021

The CertaUPS proposition beats its competitors in like-for-like comparisons across important areas such as unit cost, warranty and service as well as offering a risk-free Sale or Return option. The products are British-made and stocked in the UK with next-day replacements available as part of their three-year warranties scheme.

To find out more about CertaUPS and its products, please call us directly on +44 (0) 1488 647 647 or email certaups@purdicom