How Cambium Networks, CertaUPS, and WatchGuard Empower SMBs

How Cambium Networks, CertaUPS, and WatchGuard Empower SMBs


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face quite a few challenges, from ensuring they have a reliable internet connection to protection from cyber threats and maintaining uninterrupted power even during an outage. This is where Purdicom’s wide range of manufacturers supplied comes in, with the combination of Cambium Networks, CertaUPS and WatchGuard SMBs can remain efficient, resilient and safe from threats at all times. In this blog post, we will look further into how these three suppliers can be used together to deliver comprehensive solutions for SMBs.

Continuous Connectivity with Cambium Networks

All modern businesses rely on connectivity in some capacity, whether this is for communication, collaboration or exchanging data, it is at the heart of most modern business operations. Cambium Networks has a huge and diverse portfolio of wireless solutions, including point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, Wi-Fi access points as well as their cnMaestro/cnMaestro X management systems. CertaUPS’ UPS systems ensure that even during an outage the Cambium Networks wireless communications remain operational. Meanwhile, WatchGuard’s solutions protect SMBs from cyber threats, ensuring sensitive data is protected and operations are safe from hackers. When all three suppliers are used together. SMBs can establish and maintain seamless connectivity whilst also protecting themselves from cyber security threats and potential power disruptions.

Uninterrupted Power with CertaUPS

As discussed, most SMBs rely on connectivity to operate, so downtime can be costly, leading to less productivity, revenue loss and potentially a damaged reputation. CertaUPS are able to address these challenges by offering a reliable uninterruptible power supply solution that is designed to keep essential systems and devices running during a power outage. In addition to this, WatchGuard’s solutions offer protection against cyber threats that might exploit vulnerabilities during an outage. By combining Cambium Networks, CertaUPS and WatchGuard SMBs can more effectively mitigate the risks typically associated with downtime and power outages and will be able to maintain as much operational efficiency as possible.

Fortified Security with WatchGuard

Cyber security threats are becoming more common and also far more sophisticated than they used to be, SMBS must prioritise their cyber security measures to protect against data breaches and maintain the trust of the customer. WatchGuard can offer a comprehensive range of security solutions, including next-generation firewalls, MFA and endpoint protection. SMBs can use WatchGuard alongside Cambium Networks and CertaUPS to enhance their approach to cybersecurity. Cambium Networks serves as the backbone of the networks providing reliable wireless connections, CertaUPS ensures that security measures still work during a power outage enabling the SMB to operate with peace of mind and confidence.


In Conclusion, SMBs require integrated solutions that address the diverse technological needs essential for operation whilst also enhancing efficiency, resilience, and security. When used together, Cambium Networks, CertaUPS and WatchGuard deliver a fantastic suite of solutions to meet these requirements; establishing seamless connectivity, ensuring there is an uninterrupted power supply and strengthening the cyber security measures in place. Wireless solutions from Cambium Networks provide end-to-end connectivity that can be deployed indoors and outdoors to connect businesses with suppliers and customers. Configuring and maintaining the network is easy with their cnMaestro management system which simplifies installation and provides a complete view of network performance. Having a continuous power protection system in place will ensure SMBs can always maintain operations while also protecting valuable data and avoiding disruptions. CertaUPS systems are designed to be compact, efficient, and cost-effective, making them an ideal power protection solution for SMBs. WatchGuard offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions that are ideal for SMBs. Their impressive range of products, including firewalls, endpoint security, and secure Wi-Fi solutions provide SMBs with enterprise-grade protection against evolving cyber threats. WatchGuard is well known for its affordability, however, do not compromise on the level of security offered, making it a cost-effective choice for SMBs looking to improve their cybersecurity and protect their valuable digital assets.

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