Connecting the Classroom: Ensuring Connectivity, Security, and Continuity

Connecting the Classroom: Ensuring Connectivity, Security, and Continuity


There has been a significant change in classrooms in the last ten years. Classrooms now extend beyond the physical confines of the building, and education has been transformed as a result. There are more opportunities now for learning and collaboration, but with this change has come the need for a reliable internet connection, strong cyber security measures being implemented and an uninterrupted power supply. In this blog post, we will look into how solutions from Cambium Networks, Siklu, CertaUPS and WatchGuard can help to create a safe, reliable, and connected learning environment. Previously textbooks were one of the only sources of information within the classroom, but this is no longer the case, reliable information is abundant online, and interactive teaching methods are being used more than ever, all of which require a strong internet connection to enrich the learning experience. Cambium Networks access points offer a reliable connection, for all budgets, to ensure that these resources are accessible for all, enabling schools to offer dynamic learning environments.

Online Learning and Collaboration

Because there has been such a huge shift in the move towards online learning in recent years, a reliable internet connection forms the backbone of many platforms used, ensuring no interruptions in communication, and engagement between teachers and students. Cambium Networks offers solutions that provide the bandwidth and reliability required for the smooth operation of these platforms, allowing schools throughout the UK to deliver immersive learning experiences, no matter their budget. Cambium Networks e410 units in particular stand out as an ideal choice for educational institutions on a budget seeking to enhance their connectivity infrastructure. Here’s why:

Reliability and Performance
The e410 delivers wireless connectivity, enabling students and faculty to access online resources, participate in virtual classrooms, and collaborate on projects without experiencing latency or connectivity issues.

High-Density Support
Educational environments often experience high user densities, particularly during peak hours. The e410 units are designed to handle such demands efficiently, providing consistent performance and seamless connectivity to many concurrent users without compromising speed or reliability.

Customisable Security Features
Security is paramount in educational settings, where sensitive data and personal information are exchanged daily. The e410 units offer customisable security features, role-based access control, and secure guest access, ensuring the network remains safeguarded against unauthorised access and cyber threats.

Flexible Deployment Options
Whether installed in classrooms, lecture halls or libraries, the e410 units offer versatile deployment options to suit the diverse needs of schools and universities. Their compact design and flexible mounting capabilities make them suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, ensuring comprehensive coverage across school and university grounds.

Centralised Management and Monitoring
With Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro™ cloud management platform, IT administrators can centrally manage and monitor the entire network infrastructure from a single dashboard. This centralised approach streamlines network management tasks facilitates proactive troubleshooting and ensures optimal performance across all deployed e410 units. Try the latest demo out here.

Enhancing Connectivity with Siklu

Siklu is a great option to deploy alongside Cambium Networks access points, Gigabit speed mmWave networks provide the best coverage for multiple applications including linking HD security cameras for academic buildings, halls of residence, gym facilities and car parks. They can also be used to improve the distance learning infrastructure, for real-time interactive video classes, the ultimate goal is to have these and numerous other applications on one wireless network. Siklu by Ceragon Gigabit mmWave seamlessly connects multiple buildings facilities and devices within several square kilometres. The Siklu by Ceragon network can accommodate the many high-speed Wi-Fi access nodes located throughout schools and university campuses – to improve connectivity and as a backhaul to the wide area network. School and university grounds sizes vary widely, and the topology of each campus will require a unique network design. Siklu by Ceragon offers a broad selection of products – in terms of capacity and range/link distance — to provide the best solution for each section of the network. This includes 1Gbps to 10Gbps full duplex point-to-point connections and point-to-multipoint beam steering solutions. In short, only Siklu by Ceragon has the depth and breadth of products for a fully functional, full-coverage mmWave network.

WatchGuard Firewalls & WiFi Security for Education

Security in the Digital Classroom

As the digital shift in classrooms has progressed, cyber security and its importance have become more important than ever. Schools are prime targets for such threats, from phishing scams to malware attacks. Add in personal devices within schools and the security threats are heightened. No other environment requires more from its IT infrastructure than Education. For both performance and security, it is vital to ensure that the level of cyber security offered, can protect user information, devices, and systems without being compromised. This is where WatchGuard comes in, by offering solutions to safeguard data, networks and user privacy mitigating the threat landscape within the education sector.

Here are the most common cybersecurity threats affecting Education:

Phishing: this is a deceptive practice where the attacker seeks to obtain sensitive data from the victim, such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, etc. There are many ways to carry out this scam, but the main way is emails or text messages that appear to come from trusted sources and contain malware attachments or links to fraudulent websites.

BYOD (bring your own device): personal devices are much more prone to malware, as they access websites that do not necessarily offer the right level of security. Additionally, IT staff at educational centres have no visibility or assurance that malware has not been downloaded onto these devices.

Doxing and cyberbullying: in this form of online harassment an individual’s private information is distributed without their consent, allowing them to be identified and exposing their personal life and compromising their safety, to defame them or cause harm of some kind.

Domain spoofing: a phishing attack in which hackers register web domains using names like those of legitimate websites to appear trustworthy and to deceive users through a scam.

End-of-life software: this is the use of outdated software or devices that no longer receive the necessary patches, updates and maintenance making them more susceptible to vulnerabilities.

Using WatchGuard’s advanced security features, schools and universities can protect sensitive information, reduce the risk of data breaches, and ensure a secure learning environment for students and staff – download our latest infographic here for more information.

Ensuring Continuity with CertaUPS

Classrooms rely heavily on technology, and the consequences of power outages can be significant. Disrupted online classes, lost data, and downtime due to system failures can affect students and teachers. A power outage doesn’t just interrupt the flow of education; it can also lead to a loss of valuable learning time and impact the institution’s reputation. CertaUPS is a leading provider of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and they offer a wide range of solutions that go beyond safeguarding the classroom. These UPS systems are designed to ensure power supply is not disrupted to critical systems, protecting students’ learning experience and the school’s infrastructure and data.

Uninterrupted Online Learning – Online learning has become an integral part of the modern-day classroom, providing flexibility and access to a wider range of resources. A power outage during an online class can result in not only lost engagement, but disruption too. CertaUPS systems guarantee continuous power, allowing educators to maintain a seamless connection with students, regardless of external power fluctuations.

Data Protection and Security – Schools need to store lots of data, including student records and sensitive information. A sudden power outage can lead to data corruption or loss. CertaUPS systems provide a defence against unexpected power disruptions, ensuring data is kept safe.

Certa UPS for Schools

Reducing Downtime – For the education sector, downtime means missed opportunities. Any disruption can have a negative impact, whether it’s an important lecture, project, or event. CertaUPS minimises downtime by offering a seamless transition to backup power, ensuring there is no more interruption in the event of an outage.

CertaUPS understands the importance of having an uninterrupted power supply in schools – download our latest infographic here for more information. By safeguarding online learning, protecting data, ensuring infrastructure stability, and minimising downtime, CertaUPS empowers schools to provide an uninterrupted learning experience. In a world where education is more connected than ever, CertaUPS are sure to support your educational needs.


In conclusion, it is not just about having a good Wi-Fi connection in classrooms today but also the cybersecurity and UPS options. As schools and universities continue to adapt and adopt technology-driven changes, Cambium Networks, Siklu, CertaUPS and WatchGuard offer solutions that address the needs of the education sector and help to enable students and teachers navigate the digital landscape with confidence. When used together, these four vendors strengthen the modern-day classroom, creating a smooth learning experience for students.

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