Getting Started With Your CertaUPS

uninterruptible power supply

Getting started with your CertaUPS


CertaUPS provide uninterruptable power supply systems, a backup power solution that has been designed to keep your network online in case of a power outage emergency.

Sitting between your infrastructure devices and the power feed to your office, server or home network, they act as a power regulator. When you lose the power feed, your UPS will keep the devices connected either online, or carefully power them down to stop corruption.

Even the top of the range technology is still affected without power, using a CertaUPS system will protect your network.

Setting up your device

We wanted to show you just how easy it is to set up your own UPS device, that can be used to power a single person’s desktop through to an entire company’s servers and system.

Alex Claro, our Solution’s Architect has filmed the set-up guides for how you can get your UPS up and running.

Quick Start-Up

If you’d like to find out more about installing the CertaUPS and the Winpower software, that enables quick set-up and configuration, this quick start-up video will take you through each step.

CertaUPS’s software, Winpower allows you to be able to remotely manage your UPS, so if you’re in your home office and need to manage the UPS in your office’s server, you have complete control over your devices.

After you have installed your UPS device onto your desktop, you can set up your Winpower Monitor, where you choose your initial settings for your device. Once set up, the Winpower Monitor will give you a detailed overview of your UPS, including the current run time, load and voltage.

Advanced Monitoring

This second set-up video takes you through all the additional features CertaUPS offer. So, if you’ve recently set-up your UPS, this video will help you ensure you can get the most out of the features provided and ensure that the UPS is working correctly for your network.

Alex shows you how to name your UPS, important if you have more than one UPS on the system, as well as choosing alarm preferences, operational options and importantly, the input and output voltages required.

Email settings gives you the opportunity to ensure you are alert with any messages the UPS has. By creating your own email preferences, you can choose to be contacted based on a large array of UPS messages, covering battery capacity through to the UPS failing. This is an easy way to monitor and manage your UPS without needing to be constantly on the Winpower software. Alex also going into detail around the shutdown options, where you can decide when it is best to start shutting down your devices if your UPS has low battery.

Find out more

These videos show how quick and simple it is to set a UPS system up, to ensure you’re protecting your network as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in CertaUPS and want to find out more about them, visit our page here, where you can see an overview of the products they offer and some important resources.

For more information on the uninterruptable power supply solution, to understand how it works, and a bit more on the technology, why not visit our dedicated UPS page here.

If you have any questions on these videos, please drop us an email to, or if you’d like to talk to us more about CertaUPS in general, give us a call on 01488 647647 or email