Extend Your Network

The fdxtended HSMX gateway allows you to transform your network into a fully controlled and legally compliant guest network. Managing both the network and guests is child’s play thanks to the role-based, intuitive platform.


Fdxtended offer countless ways for you to authenticate your clients, including vouchers, self-registration, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, room credentials, SMS and many more. The HSMX has a built-in user database to store thousands of user profiles and can connect to an external RADIUS or Active Directory.


Since security is a must at all times, you can enforce content filtering and set firewall rules for each guest profile to block, redirect or limit traffic. Management and guest portals are secured with a valid and maintained SSL certificate, ensuring your guests feel comfortable when entering personal information on the guest portal.


The gateway takes on the majority of networking roles and services, such as DHCP server, DNS server, firewall and WAN load balancer, and also has advanced network management technologies. Thanks to profile-based QoS, you can prioritise traffic from your VIP customers over all other traffic, regardless of where they are in your network.


  • Marketing

  • Personalise your guest portal using the built-in portal page editor or let your web designer create a guest portal that will be branded with your own logo and current promotions or events.
  • Take Payment

  • Fdxtended HSMX has a scriptable credit card module, which is compatible with most credit card clearing houses. Easily integrated with your credit card clearing house or Paypal by us or you. Our comprehensive hospitality integration tool also allows you to charge hotel guests for the service.
  • Flexibility

  • Fdxtended have a wide range of license models to fit your every need, perfectly in line with your business model and fluctuating network usage. User licenses can be rented for short periods and a centralised license pool is available to spread the use of your licenses across all your sites.
  • Management

  • The gateway is easy to manage thanks to the layered, role based structure, and network administrators have the option of configuring the network. Managers can set up the authentication and billing system, marketing executives can manage the guest portal and content, and receptionists can manage the user database.
Try the Fdxtended Interface Demo

http://demo.fdxtended.com   Username: demo   Password: FDX3PQ

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